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Let's Get On To CNN or Fox

After my blog post yesterday, I was asked by one commentator to link to the video I described. I thought that it was well known in the 911 Truth Movement.
However, I am more than happy to do so. The web page is and the video (in several formats) can be found at
I repeat. What is important here is the existance, or claimed existance, of video footage that the anchor could see but that we could not. If it shows what he claimed, then about ten minutes before the North Tower went the same way as the South already had done, ALL the top floors of the tower had collapsed. I may have made a mistake, and the chanel may have been Fox, however regardless of who is speaking CNN/or Fox did not, therefore, believe that the North Tower would last much longer.
This video was not shown to the public, and as far as I am aware I have never seen it. Yet listen to what the LIVE footage says. I would start listening at about 1000, and the anchor makes the claim at 10:21 saying "I think Rick is not as clear as WE are that the upper floors of Tower One of the World Trade Centre have collapsed completely". This is even claimed earlier:

Call On CNN To Release Footage

I have today watched the Last Chance 911 Timeline film, which traces the events from the first plane to the collapse of the last tower.

At approximately 10:19 CNN's footage speakes of a vantage that they have that others do not. Though they do not show it, they claim to be looking at footage from a helicopter.

What is interesting, and I should say of huge importance to the 911 Truth Movement, is their claim that - this ten minutes or so before the North Tower goes the same way as the South Tower already has - they can see what "we" cannot. From the helicopter, they can see that ALL THE TOP FLOORS OF THE NORTH TOWER have collapsed. They conclude it probably might not last much longer.

I would ask you all to get a hold of the Last Chance 911 Timeline, and listen for this claim. Then I would call upon CNN, and ask everyone to make the same request of CNN, to release the helicopter video in question.

You would think, for those who follow the official story, that they would have released this straight away, since if it shows what is claimed, it would clearly show much greater structural damage to the tower than we have hitherto reckoned with.