Laurie Dobson

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest

9/11 truth senatorial candidate Laurie Dobson was my guest on Dynamic Duo last Friday. She's getting all kinds of media coverage, mainstream and otherwise, for her efforts to get the Kennebunkport constabulary to bust Bush. Go, Laurie! Schedule, guest list & directions to archives:

Senate candidate calls for Bush’s arrest

By Laura Dolce
February 26, 2008 3:01 PM
KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine -- (Bush family summer mansion)

Calling President George Bush "the worst president in the history of the United States," Independent U.S. Senate candidate Laurie Dobson stood on the steps of the town hall Tuesday and called upon the town to indict Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as war criminals.

Saying that both had "made killing fields of many countries," Dobson urged town leaders to issue a warrant for their arrests.

"There is compelling, undeniable, irrefutable evidence that crimes are going on," she said.

Dobson filed a copy of her indictment... and later read it aloud for gathered media members -- overlooking Walker’s Point (as in George Walker Bush) -- the summer home of the President’s parents.

Joel Hirschhorn, Laurie Dobson on 9/11 Truth and Elections Today on GCN

Ph.D. metallurgical engineer & 9/11 truth supporter Joel Hirschhorn, and 9/11 truth senatorial candidate Laurie Dobson will be my guests today on Dynamic Duo, 4-6 pm CT, Network 4.

Hirschhorn will be the first hour guest, followed by Dobson the second hour.

We'll be talking about the 2008 elections--and Hirschhorn and Dobson are both arguing against the "lesser evil" mentality. Hirschhorn has written several recent op-eds on the elections including:

Call-in number 866-582-9933