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911 Truth High Value Target List

I'm proposing we together discuss a list of high value targets from the media and political circles on whom together we should rotate our education efforts for 911 truth. I believe that each name on the list should be considered a special obstacle for his or her own acknowledged reasons for NOT being able to consider the alternative evidence and theories.

We need high profile resistors to 911 Truth on the list. We should identify what they are already on the record as saying about the alternative theories. We should identify what evidence we already have that specifically addresses their misunderstandings and directly influences their support for the OCT. We should be prepared to send on our behalf a group of delegates with the credibility worthy of the message to speak on our behalf with the purpose of confronting the misunderstandings BUT TO DO SO IN A SETTING OTHER THAN THEIR NATURAL ENVIRONMENT (such as confronting a comedian like John Stewart in a live public gathering while he is on stage with a microphone).