Legal Actions

Legal Actions - A Vital Strategy for the 9/11 Truth Movement

I posted this under Michael Hasty's blog post and thought it deserved it's own post as well. I would hope that our movement gives serious thought to what I'm proposing here.

I resist the temptation to believe that Obama, or his Justice Department or his administration in any way shape or form will pull for another 9/11 investigation, or be pressured to do so. To expect them to do so will very likely lead to deep frustration. The country is sinking. They have their hands full with immediate problems of grave consequence. We have to become pro-active instead. I think the most effective strategy is to keep doing what we're doing AND take a lesson from David Ray Griffin's new book "9/11 Contradictions". This book is actually an effective document for numerous legal actions. Our scientific, engineering, professional pilots and architectural colleagues are providing a similar body of work that can be used in legal proceedings. We have to formulate ways that the data we are amassing can be used by the legal community to achieve our objective.