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Change is Happening!

The efforts of the 9/11 truth community to get the attention of "official" media are having the desired effect. I know this because recently our local paper, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, published a series of letters to the editor (with associated comments in their on-line forums) that gave real voice to the questions frequently raised here.

They have published letters to the editor about 9/11 issues a time or two before, but this time they published a series of three related letters over the course of about a week where—in my opinion—the arguments for questioning 9/11 spoke much louder than the opposing view. This kind of quiet attention from a local editorial staff seems to clearly signal an awakening to the core 9/11 questions, particularly since the last word went to a fellow questioner of the official story of 9/11. Further, the on-line comments were overwhelmingly from people who were largely well informed about the holes in the government's theories of what happened on that day.

Following are links to the article that started the exchange and to the letters that followed:

April 2nd - Original Editorial that inspired 9/11 letter


April 5th – First Letter-to-the-Editor Raising What-Happened-on-9/11 as a Issue


April 8th - Letter Defending 9/11 Commission Report


April 14th – Letter Critiquing Defense of 9/11 Commission Findings


To read the on-line comments follow the link at the bottom of each web page.

The years of efforts by the activists who write and/or are reported on here are bringing the question of what really happened on 9/11 to the public's attention. Thank you! It's working. Keep it up!


The Northern Virginia Daily July 14, 2009
Regarding Karen Hill’s July 10 letter;
The war machinery I refer to is also called the “Military Industrial Complex”. At this point in history, it is composed primarily of several huge corporations which provide goods and services to the Pentagon.
The U.S. owns 11 aircraft carriers at a cost of $45 billion each, a yearly operating cost of $160,000,000...that’s $438,356.00 per day, each. We have in service 89,129 military aircraft with an additional 29,700 helicopters, all needing fuel and maintenance. There are 8,800 tanks, depending on whose numbers you believe. All have parts that wear out. All of the above required research, development, testing, upgrading, transportation costs and yearly makeovers. America claims 737 military bases worldwide, but that number rises well past 1,000 when secret bases are taken into account. They had to be built, maintained, people fed and clothed (military), provided computers, desks and pencils. Regarding the secret bases; prison hardware, “interrogation facilities”, electricity and water, heating and cooling (for the interrogators).

9/11 Conspiracy Theories May Contain the Truth

Ms. Gloriya Freeland of High View, W Va., in a letter to the editor published by the Cumberland Times News Apr 14, hands the official 9/11 story a verbal spanking so bad, that I would be cringing if I were GW Bush and read newspapers. Go Libraries! Hampshire Co, W Va. rocks!

"The presenters posed many additional facts which space does not provide. If courage to know truth can get your mindset past its self-imposed need for comfort from conspiracy theories, go to www.911truth.org for more. Be a brave patriot!

Hampshire's library has DVDs to check out."

Gloriya Freeland
High View, W.Va.

Published: April 14, 2008 11:03 am

9/11 conspiracy theories may contain the truth

To the Editor:
The last time I took copious notes was in grad school, that is, until March 14's 9/11 Truth's presentation at the Hampshire County Library.

Letters to the editor: Evidence of terror

Good stuff, keep em coming!!


None of the U.S. or British terror plots and alerts has amounted to much – except more fear, loss of liberty and war.

Recently, "terrorists" in Canada allegedly plotted to decapitate Canada's prime minister. Then, squatters in Miami plotted to destroy Chicago's Sears Tower with explosives.

Let's not forget ex-gang member Jose Padilla, who sits in prison for years without trial because he supposedly thought about making a dirty bomb.

Now we have liquid bombers from London.

The "War on Terror" began on 9/11/01 when three skyscrapers in Manhattan were demolished with pre-positioned explosives, the most logical explanation for their collapse ( www.911review.com/articles/griffin/ nyc1.html).

Did al-Qaida have that capability? No. Al-Qaida was defined as we know it when New York prosecutors sought to try Osama bin Laden under the RICO Act back in January 2001 (read "Al Qaeda" by Jason Burke). However, al-Qaida remains more idea than network, attracting some angry Muslims partly because of our militarized response to them.