Has Transpartisan Alliance been infiltrated?

911 Blogger posted an invitation to the new Transpartisan Alliance Citizens' Summit meeting in Denver this February. While I and others expressed concerns about the participation of Grover Norquist, it seems the conference generated a good bit of enthusiasm among other truthers.

Well, since then, I've bumped into the below morsel of information that adds a bit more substance to my skepticism.

While leafing through last month's Foreign Affairs magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relations, I noted a section where it had asked various political figures to put together their ideal "Dream Teams" for the next administration. Norquist was one of those asked, and on his list he named Dov Zakheim as his "Dream Team" choice for National Security Advisor. Now, that is a very interesting choice.

A fake hunt for Bin Laden...? (A test for Obama) -

(See also Juan Cole's report on the "no-hunt" story: -rep.) is a popular "liberal" blogger who is now buying into a "conspiracy theory";

"I do feel certain, or at least persuaded, that the American people were never told the full truth about what happened at Tora Bora."

This is someone who, in a links list titled "The Real 9/11 Truth Movement", links to to "debunk" demolition theories- and in the same links list, links (several times) to articles at that debunk the "no 757 at the Pentagon" and other disinformation. Strange disconnect, as also debunks the disinformation that plane damage, jet-fueled office fires and building mass turned the WTC towers into rapidly inflating dust clouds and small piles of rubble.

Suggestion: Truthers need to gently integrate with liberal/progressive groups

All of us who are convinced that 9/11 was an inside job have come about this realization from a variety of backgrounds. For some of us, it was a major shift in perspective if we had previously been a supporter of the Bush administration. For others, it may just be a logical extension of the notion that the current administration is made up of thugs. It's that latter group - myself included - that I'm addressing here.

I've been very politically active as a "progressive" since the 2004 election season; I've been involved in a number of groups at the local (in-person) and regional/national ("netroots") level. When I discovered the whole 9/11 truth movement, I was disappointed to notice that the topic of 9/11 is just not discussed among these people -- even though we are all united in hating Bush/Cheney, knowing that we have been lied to in order to get into Iraq, and fighting against this administrations violations of privacy, policies of torture, and so forth.

So how have I - and how can you - integrate 9/11 Truth into these communities?

Screw Loose Change calls on Daily Kos to fight 9/11 Truth

A blogger at Daily Kos has repeated an invitation from Screw Loose Change to enlist liberal bloggers in the fight against 9/11 Truth. The blog by "kia ora" (snippets below) reflects the split personality of liberal Democrats on this issue:

"This is actually quite humorous:

A website calling itself 'Screw Loose Change' which is dedicated to challenging a popular 9/11 video 'Loose Change', has posted a call to Markos, Kossacks and liberal bloggers everywhere to actively fight and debunk those questioning the official story on 9/11."
"Why exactly does the official story need defending? Didn't we have a 9/11 Commission to take care of all the questions? I mean we know Kean and Hamilton admit that it was a whitewash, but still is this really necessary?"
"But the big question here is why would he call on Kossacks specifically to defend the official story? Is it simply because of the 'no 9/11 CT diaries' rule here or does he really think most of us here believe the official story?"