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More Naomi Wolf 9/11 Comments- intvw w/ Ian Masters Dec 16

Look for the "pod cast" link near the top- the whole thing is worth listening to- her interview starts about 1:03, 9/11 comments start 1:42-;jsessionid=5916DCAD97A6115AF09F9F74D52709B4?diaryId=2803

i'm paraphrasing- she says with the destroyed CIA tapes, the whole Commission Report is in question and there needs to be a new investigation, she doesn't take a position on the "9/11" issue, but doesn't put anything past the Bush Administration, talks about how Christie Whitman's lies injured her son as proof they're willing to injure/kill people, ends with positive message; when millions of people support truth and justice, the powers that be can't stop it. Masters comments that Hamilton and Kean are now distancing themselves from the report.