LiveLeak Exclusive : Interview with Ron Paul

Shawn Wasson speaks to Texas congressman and republican presidential candidate Ron Paul exclusively for

Lots of 9/11 talk. Must listen.


EDIT: A snippet from this interview was posted earlier this week without context, in which Ron Paul is asked to state his opinion on 9/11 as a government-orchestrated event:

Shawn Wasson (interviewer): The suggestions from these people who you were talking to in this video that 9/11 was orchestrated by the government, you do NOT support that theory?

Ron Paul: Absolutely not.

The full interview concludes with;

Wasson: We learned a lot today, we learned that Ron Paul doesn't, in fact, think 9/11 was orchestrated by the governement. We did learn that. I think.

Paul: I am glad we got that clarified, once and for all.

The full interview provides a broader context for the above quotes, and everybody should listen to the full interview before passing judgment on Paul. -r.