Democracy is dead ... lobbyists rule America [the Happy Conspiracy]

not your ordinary 'conspiracy theorist'...

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch
ARROYO GRANDE, Calif. (MarketWatch) -- Democracy dead? Lobbyists ruling America? Lobbyists the new "Unseen Hand" of capitalism? Sadly yes.

And here's why: Ask any neuroeconomist, behavioral-finance quant, investment psychologist or other practitioner of the mysterious "science of irrationality" and they'll tell you that Americans have two self-sabotaging mental biases that killed democracy from within: "Denial" and "Magical Thinking" make us easy targets. Our brains are being manipulated by clandestine forces beyond our control. We can't see them or resist.

Yet we refuse to believe in this new Orwellian America. We prefer the world of magic, myth and illusion.

Lobby your Representatives! Tampa 9/11 Truth did!


Yes, I felt so incredibly free after walking out of Bill Nelsons' office! This was a truly rewarding experience and I propose that EVERY 9/11 Truther make sure that their local representatives are lobbied and made aware of the growing concerns of their constituents! If you do not report treason it is a CRIME!

My account:

I woke up early, trimmed my beard, and put on a dress shirt and a tie. I wanted to look professional and presentable. I may be a college student, but I know how to be taken seriously!

We all converged at the federal courthouse and had a bit of trouble getting in because of the tight security. No cell phones, cameras, or anything!

We had briefly gone over the packet prepared by 911truth.org on the way to the senators office. I felt unprepared, but Mia assured us that the presentation was very simple and that all the work was done for us already. We had the simple outline, the supplemental material to leave with the senator, and Dr. Griffin's list of 115 Ommisions and Distortions of the 9/11 Commision Report.

"End the War 1/27/07"

Below is an announcement for a national day of action in Washington, D. C. to be hosted by the United for Peace and Justice coalition (unitedforpeace.org), including a post-rally Congressional lobbying day. Please note that A) this will be one of the first sights the new Congress witnesses and B) these are usually extremely large events with attendees numbering in the hundreds of thousands. While UFPJ marchgoers are generally of an inordinately "fluffy" left-liberal persuasion, there will be are noticeable quantities of marchers who are 9/11-aware or official story-questioning. 9/11 Truthers may seize the opportunity to spread information, to draw out disaffected leftists from under the unqualified (9/11 Truth-less) UFPJ leadership and perhaps to gain insight from the Congressional lobbying workshops.

"Help Mobilize for Jan. 27-29! Plus, Latest Details on the Demo
December 18th, 2006

Momentum is beginning to build for the politically urgent mobilization on Saturday, Jan. 27th. There are already more than 500 endorsements for the demonstration and we are hearing from groups around the country that they are organizing to get people to Washington, DC. In order to send the strongest, clearest message to the new Congress we are working hard to have the largest turnout possible.