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Comes the Dawn : Yukon News column warms to 9/11s dark shenanigan's

I was happy to see this in my local paper, The Yukon News, out of Whitehorse.

I had spent the spring showing videos at my local library and had some coverage with this paper, albeit truncated as the second part was never published. ( see the full story at http://www.yukon911truth.com/ , down along the left side of the page titled "Film series raises 9/11 conspiracy theory" - Sheesh I thought I was a coincidence theorist ! ). This is the story he eludes to in paragraph 7.

Al is a good guy and he is a voice of reason in these troubled times. Check out his writing and the original of this article at http://www.alpope.net/

Al Pope, July 30, 2007

Who blew up the towers? Who cares?

Last week U.S. columnist Paul Craig Roberts issued a public warning that the Bush administration is making plans to stage a major “false flag” terrorist attack on American soil, and then to declare martial law, and make war – probably nuclear war – on Iran.