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Finding Truth in "Unlikely" Places

I received the following email from a friend of mine this afternoon -- and I think it's the kind of story everyone likes to hear. My friend is a pilot (and a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth) and works at the airport of a West Coast city. He wrote:

I just had an interesting conversation. I was sitting at the food court in [the] airport on my computer and I overheard two TSA (Transportation Security Administration) guys talking about 9/11. They were definite skeptics of the official story. I went to the Pilots for 9/11 Truth website and took my computer over to their table and showed it to them. At first, they seemed a bit mistrustful, like I was going to launch into an angry defense of the official story, but when they figured out what the site was about and when I told them that I was one of the organizers of the [David Ray Griffin] event, we proceeded to get into a very friendly, lively discussion about several topics.

9/11 Truth at the Anti-War Protests This Weekend

I'm sure many Truthers are planning to make an appearance at the rallies and marches against the Iraq War this weekend. I'll be at Portland's protest tomorrow with a sign that says "End the 9/11 Lies, End the 9/11 Wars." I'm interested in accounts by Truthers of their experiences at these events, where 9/11 Truth is received with varying levels of enthusiasm, so to speak.

Just now, on C-SPAN's coverage of the event in DC, I saw two 9/11 Truth signs -- one right up front in the crowd, and one visible over Cynthia McKinney's shoulder as she was speaking. Good work, folks in DC!

Mary Starrett, the Constitution Party's 2006 Candidate for Governor of Oregon, says 9/11 was an inside job.

Portland 9/11 Truth hosted an evening with local media figure and politico Mary Starrett on Wednesday, February 28. In addition to Ms. Starrett, we heard a representative of a local Evangelical Christian group called "Believers Against the War" and had a number of members of that group as guests as well. They all pull no punches when it comes to 9/11 Truth.

A reporter for the Willamette Week was present and interviewed Ms. Starrett for her online column and possibly an article in the print version of the paper. (Ha ha, Phoenix -- you all have the "Phoenix New Times" and our local alterna-paper actually employs real journalists.) The Willamette Week column is here.

In addition, the whole presentation was recorded by a member of our group:

Arizona 9/11 Accountability Conference Removes Williams

Arizona 9/11 Truth, sponsor of the 9/11 Accountability Conference taking place in Chandler in late February, has removed Eric Williams from its list of speakers and from its program schedule. Earlier today, a post of mine noted that he had been re-titled on the conference website's "Contact Us" page from "Conference Director and Webmaster" to "Vendor Coordinator." He remains on the contact page in this reduced capacity.

Earlier this week, delver of TruthMove posted a blog alerting the 9/11 community to the fact that Williams is currently promoting a book with on Auschwitz which refers to the "alleged Holocaust."

The Eleventh = Action Day for Truth and Accountability

A discussion of this idea began in an unrelated thread, and as I've been meaning to blog it I felt like I'd better get busy. 2007 has to be the year that we move from visibility on the internet to visibility in the real world as a movement, as many of us have been doing individually and in our small local groups. Coordination of these events -- not in the sense of orders handed down from a non-existent top, but as grassroots groups sharing ideas -- is one way to amplify our message. The recent Tea Parties were an outstanding example of networking to promote an especially catchy meme. Monthly events on the eleventh could be much simpler and require less preparation -- freeway blogging around a central message, a sit-down at a common site (such as City Hall or network news headquarters) and so forth. There are advantages both to months when the eleventh falls on a weekday (workday commutes) and the weekend (when more time-consuming events might be possible.) (February, March, August, and November are the months when the eleventh is on a weekend this year.) What are your ideas for actions that groups around the country could take up with you?