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"9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence" reviewed (UK)

British author Ian Henshall came to Newbury, Berkshire (UK) recently to give a talk about his updated book '9/11 Revealed: The New Evidence' and it was reviewed by the local paper, the Newbury Weekly News.

The review can be read here:


I am going to try to pursuade another local paper to do an anniversary editorial in September.

Local coverage and brains turning into "American Idol mush."

My brother-in-law, his ten year old son, and I, attended (crashed) a local Iraq war vigil organized by moveon.org. I came armed with a sign, some flyers, and a bunch of David Ray Griffen and Loose Change DVDs. As soon as I got there I was looked upon with skepticism - or maybe I just felt that way. There was a decent crowd gathering and because of the fairly prominent location in White Plains, NY, the local TV news channel and the Journal News (a Gannett paper) were both there.

I did my best to get interviewed and get my sign photographed. You can see me (but unfortunately not my sign) at the beginning of the tape standing next to my nephew who was holding the yellow “Out of Iraq” sign. My sign, “9/11 Truth Ends War”, was also clearly visible at about 1:18 into this clip.