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Lone Lantern Society.org down

Gary Franchi's "Lone Lantern Society" website has been shut down. The web host, GISOL, claims an "AUP violation".

You can read a chronology of events here:

This message is on the front page of the Restore the Republic website:

First, we want to thank all who contributed to LoneLantern.Org's call for help over our hosting company’s extreme demands of 36 months in hosting fees paid up front. With your help we were easily able to raise the money a day earlier than expected.

What wasn’t expected is what our hosting company told us next. This morning on our way to express mail our host the ridiculous 36 month payment up front, we received a phone call from them. They stated because we put out the call for help, we have "libeled" their reputation by explaining to everyone why we needed money for 36 months hosting up front. Furthermore they stated, because of the "libel", they would not put the site back online, nor grant us FTP access to gather our data or move our domain LoneLantern.org to another registrar and hosting entity.

In an even more outrageous turn of events, this rogue host is now saying that they alone own the domain name LoneLantern.org that we registered through them, and they also claim they own ALL of our site’s content, data, and user database that we created since it’s inception.