Loose Change

Loose Change Made Front page of Syracuse Post-Standard

Young filmmakers dedicated to exposing a 9/11 conspiracy

Saturday, September 09, 2006
By Hart Seely
Staff writer

It shaped up as a routine day in the crusade. Soon, a TV crew would arrive. Later, the radio stations would call. Between news interviews, they'd polish speeches for this weekend's pilgrimage to ground zero, and take turns in the shower.

"We had CNN last week, and we have CNN again on Sunday," said Korey Rowe, 23, of Oneonta, pacing a house suitably cluttered by its three bachelor occupants. "It just goes on and on. We have so many different countries coming, sometimes I don't even know who they are. . . . Yesterday, a buddy came over, and he's like, 'What reporters are these?' And I say, 'I don't know France?' And they were from Switzerland."

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A Critical Plea To Dylan Avery, And A Call To Action

I had a very bad feeling last night about the upcoming debate on Amy Goodman's show, and 9/11 Truth in general. Although I couldn't quite pinpoint it at the time, now it seems as plain as day. Simply put, The Movement is currently coming under a most vicious, strategic attack by the official storytellers and the powers that be. Let me repeat myself: ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake about it: WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.

This all began over the past couple of weeks, as the disinfo regarding no planes at the WTC started to appear en masse on this site. I've been a regular visitor and contributor to 911 Blogger for a number of months now and I've never seen so much organized commentary on these fringe, unscientific topics prior to this recent period of time. In addition, The Movement has been receiving much press coverage over the past month or so- the vast majority of it highly unflattering and unhelpful.

Virtually every single instance of mainstream media coverage that has covered so-called "conspiracy theories" regarding 9/11, follows this modus operandi:

  • first and foremost, ignore and prevent any mention, whatsoever, of WTC Building 7
  • never debate or give credence, or acceptance, to any of the skeptical points raised, no matter what

Dylan Avery to Debate Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

Big news coming in from the Loose Change crew..

About time - loosechange911.com

Ladies and gentlemen, a drumroll...

Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, 8 AM, September 11th, 2006. I'll be on debating Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics, in studio, for broadcast on TV and radio.

How's that for a 1-2 punch?

Loose Change News

Loose Change articles printed here:

and here:

Also, Loose Change will be shown on the History Channel in Australia on September 11 at 9PM.

Finally, Loose Change 2 will be seen on:

Planete France,
BNN Holland and Zembla Holland
VRT Belgium
TV2 Norway
TV4 Fakta Sweden
Canal Plus Poland
History Channel Australia
RTP Portugal
Exa TV Mexico
Noga TV Israel
Geo TV Pakistan
MBC Middle East

Hopefully more information on dates and times to follow. Here is a quick message from the Loose Change foreign distributor:

And that anybody who lives in these countries should tell all their friends and promote the show to them, and talk to their local media outlets..news organisations, newspapers, blogs, etc..we need the message to go out to the world that a potential audience of 100 million is out there, which will in itself become part of the story.

We need maximum exposure for Loose Change now ahead of the broadcast and you must call on your army of supporters to communicate that it is on tv to every one who could watch it. Just as 9/11 traumatised the world, so too can Loose Change 2.

9/10: Loose Change to air on national tv in the Netherlands !

LOOSE CHANGE 2 (full version, dutch subtitles) broadcast in Europe!

BNN, Nederland 3, sunday september 10th from 23.40 till 01.00 hrs (monday september 11th!)
Source: http://www.mediacourant.nl/?p=1516

And at 9/11 itself a free screening of Loose Change will happen at De Balie Cinema in Amsterdam at 19:00 hrs as part of a 9/11 theme day with lectures, debates and more.
Source: http://www.debalie.nl/artikel.jsp?articleid=56500&podiumid=politiek

De Balie http://www.debalie.nl
Is a much repected national wide famous political and cultural debate center in Amsterdam.

BNN http://www.bnn.nl
Is a non-commercial broadcast organisation with airtime on national Dutch public radio & tv channels

Nederland 3 (Ned. 3) http://www.nederland3.nl
Is a much respected third national public tv channel of The Netherlands, comparable with BBC.

100% of the dutch population can receive this channel via air, cable, satellite or IP TV. Ned. 3 is also on cable systems in all the flemisch speaking parts of Belgium, Luxemburg and some cable systems in Germany. Because of overspill of aether transmitters, Ned. 3 is transmitting on air over the border into small regions of Germany and Belgium. (with sporadic good athmospheric conditions much further, even reaching Britain)

Loose Change 2 to Air on Amsterdam Television this Wednesday

"Loose Change" vanavond op Amsterdamse tv!

De internationale 9/11 Truth Movement beleeft vandaag een lokale wereldprimeur: "Loose Change 2nd. ed." zal vanavond in Amsterdam en omstreken op televisie worden uitgezonden.
Kanaal: SALTO-A1
Tijd: 20.00-24.00u (herhaling vanaf 22.00u)

Roughly meaning:

This Wednesday night, Loose Change 2nd. ed. will be broadcast in full on Dutch local tv in Amsterdam.

You can find out more on the television channel's site here.

Thanks VAB for the heads up!

Korey Rowe makes Alternet front page!

Snakes on a Plane! What next? An interview on Democracy Now?

The Loose Cannon of 9/11

SLENSKE: The "Blair Witch Project" also looked real to people who were in on the documentary preceding it. It totally worked. The first time you watch it, it grabs you. But "Loose Change" isn't meant to be fictional. It's a watchable film, but what do you expect people to do with it?

ROWE: What I encourage people to do is go out and research it themselves. We don't ever come out and say that everything we say is 100 percent. We know there are errors in the documentary, and we've actually left them in there so that people discredit us and do the research for themselves -- the B52 (remarked to have flown into the Empire State Building), the use of Wikipedia, things like that. We left them in there so people will want to discredit us and go out and research the events yourself and come up with your own conclusions. That's our whole goal, to make Americans think. To wake up from the 16 amps of your television to watch something and get a passion in something again.

Loose Change Crew Releases Flyer and New Info on NYC 5th Anniversary Events

Events Schedule and Flyer


Friday, Sept.8th, St. Marks

7:00 – 7:30

Al Fonz of 9/11 Vets For Truth: 9/11 As Pretext For Iraq Invasion
7:30 – 8:00

Korey Rowe veteran of the Iraq and Afganistan War.
8:00 – 8:45

Ralph Schoenman: 9/11 and the Attack on Lebanon

Jason Bermas on Charles Goyette

I uploaded this audio file this morning, but haven't had a chance to podcast it, so here it is in a 42 MB MP3 format:


Loose Change mentioned in Germany's second State Television Channel

Ron from Denmark just sent this in:

A report about Loose Change was just shown this evening, 21:45 hours, in one of Germanys three largest evening news programs. it was a rip-up, but there were a good number of hints in it, that someone wanting to know more, would then know where to look.

Here's the link:

Ron tells me this show is seen by 5 to 10 million viewers, he will let us know what the ratings were tommorrow.