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This has got to be the best rap featuring Alex Jones and the Loose Change Crew I have heard thus far.

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God Bless you all and Keep on Keepin on, we will prevail.

Tony Nicer

The Makers of Loose Change to appear on The View - May 24th

Per the Alex Jones Show and ABC programming. 9/11 hero William Rodriguez and the makers of Loose Change will appear on The View, Thursday May 24th.

Loose Change Creators on The View May 24th - watchingtheview.com

According to a release from ABC, Korey Rowe and Dylan Avery, creators of the 9/11 conspiracy documentary Loose Change will appear on the May 24th show. Also listed is William Rodriguez, who was a janitor at the North Tower of the World Trade Center, who has since become part of the 9/11 truth movement. The only other guests listed for that date are the winners of Dancing With the Stars, so it appears that the show will not have representatives from both sides of the topic. Rosie O’Donnell has said before that we have been hearing the other side for years, so maybe the show will only cover the topic from one angle. However, since the show line-up often goes through changes before the show is taped, it is possible that they might be adding additional guests. It is also possible that they might have the other side in another segment on a different day.

If you are unfamiliar with the documentary, it is available on YouTube.

New Footage

Here is a never before-released video of the WTC attacks. This has to be the clearest and most detailed video surrounding the terrorist attack on the towers. The video is graphic in depicting the collapse of the first tower. 9/11 Was An Inside Job

What We Saw Never before-released video of the WTC attacks
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5474006551011489413&hl=en 26 min

Loose Change: Final Cut Footage
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1375208054676470714 1 hour

Loose Change Press Release: Stop Threatening Free Speech, Release Date for Final Cut

A Statement From Louder Than Words and MercuryMedia

We write to you as members of ‘Patriots Question 9/11’ and the producers of Loose Change 2 and Loose Change Final Cut with a message to fellow ‘truthers’ and interested media entities, that we will never submit to the demonic forces that seek to silence us.

Over the last few weeks a number of ‘newsworthy’ individuals and organizations connected with Loose Change and the 9/11 truth movement have been subjected to a campaign of vicious intimidation. The intimidators include presenters on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox, ‘Fair and Balanced’ News, disgraced former US senate majority leader Tom ‘Hot Tub’ Delay, Michele ‘put every Muslim in a concentration camp’ Malkin and Nick ‘Virgin, I promise you PR poison’ Rizutto.

Their targets: Mark Cuban’s 29/29 entertainment group and his NBA team the Dallas Mavericks; Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic; actor Charlie Sheen; and talk-show host Rosie O’Donnell. Their alleged crime is associating themselves or their companies with Loose Change and suggesting that people should be free to decide for themselves about 9/11 truth.

We wholeheartedly condemn the actions of the disgraceful rabble that are attacking our supporters, and put them on notice of our continued resolve to expose the biggest hoax in history.

Loose Change Skateboarding Cameo

So I just noticed in the latest "Transworld Skateboarding" magazine there is an article with Ted Newsome and on his desk is a copy of LC2E. Thought it was very interesting.

link to pic

tried to get the best quality...when you have the actual magazine in your hands you can easily see it's a loose change dvd

When Loose Change Comes Out...

When Loose Change Final Cut comes out we all need to become leaders.

Anyone who reads this blog: when this films come out and us truthers flock to the theaters we need to reach out to the average public. After every showing of this film we need to actively engage the audience and build a giant grassroots movement. I know people are doing this now but if this movie is shown in even 100 theaters across the country we could reach critical mass.

Imagine if after every showing of this film, readers of this blog, posters and lurkers, stood up and organized with their fellow countrymen before they left the theater. Turn the last show each night into a town hall dialog.

It would be a great chance to organize people against the roguish 2-party system (I guess I don't want to inject my own politics, but I'd leap at any opportunity to get an independent/upstanding non-partisan citizen into office) and the current administration. Great time to get a groundswell for a new investigation too.

Loose Change Final Cut Teaser Released

YouTube link

The link above is to a mirror on our servers, below is the original posting from Dylan.


Direct Download:
http://video.stage6.com/1216026/.divx (yes, that is the working link)

Take it for what you will, folks. It's called a teaser for a reason. :lol:

Thanks to DBLS for the heads up!

Burning Questions

Starts off like a hit piece, but ultimately ends by telling people to think for themselves and to question government. Thanks to Chris for sending this in...

Conspiracy videos like Loose Change have been recieving a lot of attention on the internet and other media - is it freedom of speech or harmful propaganda

In America we have become accustomed to a life of privilege. Liberties that we consider to be the intrinsic rights of every human are not seen as such in other nations. Here we have the privilege to basically speak, write, believe or do whatever we wish.

This is what makes our country so beautiful.

However, these freedoms can easily shrivel and decay if they are neglected or taken for granted. These rights, outlined in our constitution, become nothing more than words on paper if they are not acted upon, utilized and appreciated.

With great freedom comes great responsibility.

Virgin Atlantic Airways to Show Loose Change 2 In-Flight

UPDATE: Confirmed by Virgin Atlantic's in flight entertainment web page. Its listed, however, under "tv" and not under "movies". So is it one of the in-flight options, but not the official turn-off-the-lights in-flight movie?

Patricia Hickey of Mercury Media has confirmed this story to me by email, copying Dylan Avery with her response. Tim Sparke of Mercury Media also confirmed the story to me, and said that the story should get some press tomorrow. Sparke said that the film will run during the month of May.

I've attached the press release and what is supposedly a page from Virgin Atlantic's May magazine. As you can see from the magazine, Loose Change is the movie Virgin Atlantic recommends people watch.

Mercury Media is a real company, apparently founded by alums of Disney, Sony Pictures, and other large media players.

Press Release:


May 1st, 2007 – MercuryMedia International announce they have licensed the 9/11 Internet hit Loose Change 2 to Virgin Atlantic Airways.

The controversial film, made for just $10,000 has attracted over 50 million downloads, and has been broadcast in 50 territories worldwide. It has featured in numerous documentaries about the circumstances surrounding 9/11, and become the film most associated with the growing 9/11 movement. It will debut on Virgin, the first airline to offer the film to its passengers in May 2007.

Jason Bermas talks about LC Final Cut on Lone Lantern Radio - MP3 Download


Jason Bermas talks with Gary Frenchi of Lone Lantern Radio about Loose Change Final Cut and their schedule out in California.

Thanks Gary for the heads up!


Since the announcement of Mark Cuban's endorsement of the fictional movie, Loose Change, a lot of people from both sides pondered on Cuban's motivation in all of this. The local media to everyone's least favorite loud mouth Bill Reilly, questioned as to why someone would promote a video they didn't believe in. Cuban's reasons are freedom of speech and expression, even if it's false. He even claimed to welcome a rebuttal. The response from many debunkers, including myself, called BS.

Good news, a representive of Mark Cuban contacted me earlier this week about a Screw Loose Change tie-in with Loose Change. In other words, opposing forces at work. Obviously one cannot sell a movie with subtitles over original footage as a "debate", but I wouldn't have been contacted by Mark Cuban if he wasn't interested in hearing the what "other side" has to say.

I can't give much details, mainly because nothing has really developed yet, but I just want to inform you all that Mark Cuban is well-aware of Screw Loose Change's existence.


Loose Change Screening in Denver

Loose Change Screening in Denver
Oriental Theater
April 17, 2007
Doors Open 6:00 P.M.

Loose Change Final Cut trailer.

My take on a Loose Change Final Cut trailer.


Give me some feedback on what you think.

DVD REVIEW: Conspiracy-filled film lacks depth

Source: http://media.www.thedailyaztec.com/media/storage/paper741/news/2007/04/03/Tempo/Dvd-Review.ConspiracyFilled.Film.Lacks.Dep...

DVD REVIEW: Conspiracy-filled film lacks depth

By: Fernando Ramos, Staff Writer

Posted: 4/3/07

For the past couple of years, there has been a particularly odious form of politicking going around. You may have seen it, heard about it on the news or at least been told about its virtues from your roommate. Yes, the propaganda I am talking about is 2005's infamous Internet-video phenomenon "Loose Change."

Originally conceived by college student Dylan Avery as a fictional "what-if" thriller about someone discovering a conspiracy about the 9/11 attacks, Avery began to believe the research he was doing showed that the U.S. government was, and continues to be, actively involved in covering up the truth behind 9/11.