Loose Change Final Cut

Loose Change: Final Cut Complete, Official Announcement

Big new coming I presume, anyone know if Charlie Sheen was involved? Thanks to Rolf for the scoop:


Dear Supporter,

Thank you so much for your past support of Loose Change. We are happy to announce that Loose Change Final Cut will be done today. That's right, DONE TODAY! Later this week we'll be sending more info on the release schedule, so stay tuned.

To celebrate the occasion, we're offering 10% off any order over $15 placed through the Loose Change Store before Friday, October 19th. Your continued support helps us make the film happen and aids in the press for an independent investigation!

The LC Team


On behalf of the Protest festival we can with great joy declare that Loose Change Final Cut will have its first test screening in Kristiansand, Norway during Griffin's visit there on September 8. It will be shown in the town cinema at 13.30 local time. For more information, please see www.protest.no . There you will also find information on how to buy tickets.

An official announcement from Louder than words is soon to follow on www.loosechange911.com .

The management of the Protest Festival

(Site in English: http://www.protest.no/default.aspx?m=21 )

Charlie Sheen not officially committed as "Loose Change" narrator.

A producer who works with Charlie Sheen has passed along this note:

"Charlie has had talks with the people involved with Loose Change Final Cut, but has in no way made any official commitment to narrating this film." - Erik Fleming.

Just got the notice this a.m., May 21, 2007.


Dylan Avery Talks About Loose Change Final Cut on The Alex Jones Show

1.6MB MP3
Dylan talks a bit about the future plans for the existing second edition, clears up the misstatements on their budget for the film, and talks about what we can expect to see once Loose Change Final Cut is released.

Thanks to Bozo and Ed for the heads up!