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WORLD PREMIERE TOUR "9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out"

“9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out
Final Edition

The New Landmark Documentary by AE911Truth
Late May through Early July 2012 –
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AE911Truth is proud to announce the completion of the Final Edition of our milestone documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, and we are taking the film on the road with a whirlwind World Premiere Tour across the U.S., starting on May 21. The director of Experts Speak Out, AE911Truth founder Richard Gage, AIA, will personally introduce this groundbreaking film at top venues in 30 cities nationwide and take questions from the audience after each screening. Tickets are on sale now, so make sure to buy yours before the events sell out.

Join us in one of 30 cities near you on this tour, which begins in San Diego, CA, and covers 24 states from coast to coast.

Purchase Premiere Tickets NOW at ExpertsSpeakOut.eventbrite.com

Watch/Download the Film online Starting 5/21/12 at 911ExpertsSpeakOut.org

Order the cased DVD NOW – ships 5/29/12

The official “Opening Night” of the tour will be in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hills Music Hall Theater on May 22. Famed actor Ed Asner, the star of our previous short-film hit, Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7, will join Gage at the kickoff Press Conference at 7pm, and will introduce the movie, which starts shortly thereafter.

We will also be joined at the “Opening Night” premiere by veteran Hollywood actors John Heard and Judd Nelson. In addition, high-rise architect Robert McCoy, one of the respected building professionals featured in Experts Speak Out, will be in attendance.

2009 Hollywood Anti War March Part 2 of 2 - HUGE 9/11 TRUTH PRESENCE



Anti-war march held in Los Angeles to mark Iraq war anniversary. The demonstrators marched along the famous Hollywood Boulevard to demand an end to the six-year war in Iraq and Afghanistan. HUGE 9/11 TRUTH PRESENCE.

Below are two quotes from the video.

Katy Kurtzman

"This is the most 9/11 truth presence I've ever seen at a-- at a march and-- ...just the presence, the respect to people that, they already know. It wasn't any of those confused looks like in the past they at least looked at it and made a decision one way or another. There were a couple of people that came up to argue with us but we love that. Because we love to opportunity to change somebody's mind. It was a good day. I was a really good day."

Bruno Bruhwiler

The World Radio Premiere of Loose Change 9/11 An American Coup

The World Radio Premiere of "Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup" Beneath the Surface with Roseanne Barr airs TODAY September 16, 2009 for KPFK's Fall Fundrive at 5PM PST. Clips from the documentary will be played during traffic hour, so if you're sitting in your car, don't miss out. KPFK 90.7FM LOS ANGELES - HEARD WORLDWIDE at http://www.KPFK.ORG. Please re-post this blog, so we can spread the word faster and your friends can listen in on time too!

WeAreChangeLA informs LA Sheriff Lee Baca about 9/11 Black Op Demolitions


Barack Obama was in Southern California over a few days in March 2009. After an event in Downtown Los Angeles on March 19, 2009, Jeremy Rothe-Kushel of WeAreChangeLA Citizen's Media asked the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, Lee Baca, whether President Obama had mentioned clearing up the ongoing cover-up of the 9/11 black op.

"Did President Obama say anything--did he say anything about clearing up the biggest crime of the century, the 9/11 black op, and the continuing cover-up after it? Because we still have 30-something Angelenos whose murders are unsolved from that day and a lot of us, including all the family members,

9-11 Truth has largest presence at LA Anti-War March!

WeAreChangeLA brought our banners to the Anti-War March in full force. We had almost 50 members show up to help the 9-11 Truth stand out in a very big way. Others who attended the march exclaimed that "the 9-11 people are taking all the attention".

We all had such a great time. If you have yet to partake in an outreach, visibility action with our beautiful banners, then you gotta come out and join us!

Thanks to new member Robert Ohneiser for an excellent edit. Robert also did most of the camera work. We are so lucky to have so much talent in WACLA. God, I love being an activist in LA.

Thank you Laurel for breakfast! Member Laurel treated anyone who could come to breakfast that morning.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. You all were a show stopper!!!

WWW.911TRUTHLA.COM - My challenge to Amy Goodman! She Agrees to Watch "The Reflecting Pool"

, , nikki@democracynow.org, angie@democracynow.org ; dennis@democracynow.org>
(1) UCLA/LA Times & Amy Goodman updates; (2) Jennifer/Victor video. Lionel/Cole? Other videos of my question/Amy's response?


For those who do not already know, many of us were prevented from asking any 9/11 related questions during the Goodman panel discussions at the Festival of Books and -- less directly -- at Amy Goodman's evening talk at Immanuel Presbyterian in Los Angeles.

LA 9-11 Truth and Justicers Hit Washington DC aka the District of Criminality and/or Complicity

After participating in the 6th anniversary events in NYC, LA 9-11 truth and justicers David and I (Jeremy aka Shumonik) proceeded to Washington DC to truth-up the streets of DC and the halls of Congress. One of our first acts in DC was to do a banner drop on the steps of the Supreme Court under its statement of purpose "Equal Justice Under the Law." We quickly found out that was illegal and were told that the Supreme Court is private property. We didn't get to meet the people who own it.

Impeachment Movement, Including Statement on 9-11 Treason, Hits Chamber of Los Angeles City Council

All photos by Sharona Smith
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On the morning of Friday, 8-17-07, about 50 people from the Los Angeles Impeachment Center (www.bcimpeach.com) stormed the chamber of the LA City Council to demand that the Council fulfill their oath to the Constitution by introducing and passing a resolution in support of impeaching George W. Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney. After much disciplined and strategic organizing by people like dedicated activist Peter Thottam and many other organizers and engaged citizens, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl helped open the space for a half hour discussion of why impeachment IS a local issue. Many people made powerful points about the ethical imperative of stepping up and doing something during a time of moral crisis. Watch the two videos @ the end of this post to get a flavor of how it went down.

Impeachment Rally @ Waxman's LA Office Tuesday, August 7th @ 4 pm

Apparently, my good Congressman has been listening to his constituents! I phoned last week to ask for his support of impeachment and for a new and thorough investigation of the events of 9/11--clearly stating my belief that the evidence suggests an inside job. When asked, his assistant confirmed that others called with the same concerns (about 9/11). I will be wearing my "9/11 was an Inside Job" T-Shirt, with a few friends. Spread the word to everyone you know in Los Angeles!


ACTION ITEM: Tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday, August 7th @ 4 pm), Congressman Waxman has asked LANIC representatives to visit his field office in L.A. to discuss Impeachment and H Res 333. LANIC is asking those who can make it to come early (by 3:30 pm) to participate in a support rally that will officially start at 4 pm! I apologize for the short notice but we just heard today from his legislative staff (Monday, 12 noon).

Los Angeles Truth Action 7-11 Venice Beach

I know we have seen a lot of posts from Los Angeles but I have to add mine. Personally I thought this was a great action. 40 of us from all over southern California met at Venice Beach. We handed out thousands of fyers/dvds/truth cards and talked to so many people from every demographic. We talked to families, students, vacationers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, grandma's, teenagers, 10 year olds, war veterans, gangsters and everything in between. The only time we saw a cop was when a police suburban drove down the boardwalk and the female officer who was driving reached out for a handout from George V (although there was a lot of helicopters flying around which may be normal for that area). Highly effective activism, but only because the citizens here in southern California have realized the importance of exposing false flag terrorism.

Los Angeles Actions: (1) Saturday - April 14th Earth Day Demo! [15,000 expected) (2) LA Times Book Festival (April 28th & 29th)

Click for video message from Peter Thottam;

Above 911Truth Los Angeles Google video link : In the above March 2007 video clip, Peter Thottam, an attorney & Green Party activist with 9/11 Truth LA, comments at a national March 2007 9/11 conference on the progress of the 9/11 movement, it's connections to various political parties, pro-peace/anti-war groups, and the range of individual actions that citizens can and are taking across this great nation.

April 14th & 28th/29th Outreach Organizational Meeting: 911Truth LA
- Saturday @ 1:00 - 2:30 pm -
911TruthLA will have the first of its now regular monthly meetings, this first Saturday of the Month. Light Refreshments and discussions about local 911Truth actions. 1:00 AM to 2:30 PM. The Location? --> The Unurban Café located at 3301 Pico Blvd (@Pico & 33rd, Santa Monica, just west of Bundy and Pico) . Please call Peter at (310) 497-7255 for more details. < peterthottam@yahoo.com>. www.911truth.us.