911 truth at anti war rally Madrid

Last week there was an anti war rally with about 500 people, our 911 truth group was present with megaphone and lots of signs

Who planned the Madrid bombings?

After years of police and prosecutors enquiries, after a trial lasting 4 months and a 700 pages sentence, we still do not know who planned, organized and carried out the Madrid terrorist attacks.

Who, when, how and why were the 11-M attacks planned?

The last acquitted by the Supreme Court in Spain denies that the Leganés group committed Madrid Bombinbs

Note: 11-M is what is used in Spanish for the madrid bombings.
In Leganes the supposed terrorists alledgidly blew themselves up after the bombings when the police were at their door (one policeman died).
Italic text are my notes.
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Orignial article:

MADRID .- First they said that he and his brother Moutaz were the brains of 11-M. Later, he was sentenced to 12 years and, last July, the Supreme Court acquitted him. Today he speaks for the first time in the newspaper El Mundo and considers that he and his family have become "the other victims of the 11-M" and that the confidants know much more about the attacks.

On July 17th he received the good news in the prison in Alicante that the Supreme Court was acquitting him of all charges and that he was a free man. This is an excerpt from the interview.

  • "If it were true that those who were on that floor had killed 192 people, how could they become friendly terrorists and wait until the entire building was cleared to commit suicide?".

911 truth appears on major tv station in spain at Spain for McCain event

This video shows the tv coverage on TeleMadrid first followed by our video

911 truth Madrid invades McCain act and get lots of press!

McCain (sounds like McDonalds doesnt it) had a rally here with about 20 people in Madrid, we (the 911truth group ) invaded and came out on tv, and press because our signs were so big they couldnt be avoided.
See us here on tv starting at minute 43
The rest of the links to articles in press (in spanish) are here:
Here is our video:

Madrid bombings - trains destroyed 48 hours after the attack

Official document which states that the trains involved in the Madrid March 11 2004 bombings were destroyed 48 hours after the attack, because supposedly they had already taken all of the evidence that was necesary. Same modus operandi as the destruction of the remains of the towers before they could be properly analyzed

Download in high resolution here

911 truth Madrid at no more blood for oil rally

Our 911 truth squad marched with the no more blood for oil group , but they didn't want us marching with them, so the police gave us our own escort

911 truth Madrid at Anti -war Rally

We made 911 truth signs with spanish on one side that said "la verdad ahora" and "911 truth now" on the other. We had extras so we gave them out to anyone who wanted them at the anti war rally on Saturday and they showed up everywhere within all the different groups. I doubt whether any tv station could get a clip of the rally without showing our signs!

in front of madrid stock exchange

The day after black tuesday we were in front of the stock exchange in madrid handing out information with a sign that read "The stock market crashes because the world knows that 911 was an inside job"

11th of November Madrid Spain

11 truth group in Madrid on the 11th of November

Entre las 12.30 y las 13 horas fuimos llegando los miembros de la Asociación por la Verdad Sobre el 11 de Septiembre y otros amigos que a título personal colaboraron en la convocatoria. Y empezamos a difundir la información entre la gente por varios medios:Diana llevó un pequeño cuadro-pancarta, con alusiones a los autoatentados por ambas caras; una, con la demolición controlada; la otra, con la denuncia de que el 11-S fue un "trabajo interno".

Giorgio estaba a todo, con sus múltiples causas y luchas, sin perder detalle de nada, y con su talante de siempre, tranquilo y conciliador.

9/11 Truth Event in Madrid, Spain

The newly legally-registered Asociación por la Verdad sobre el 11 de Septiembre (Association for the Truth about September 11) is holding a general talk and introduction to 9/11 in Madrid on October 19 at 7:30 PM at the Club de Amigos de la Unesco, in Plaza de Tirso de Molina.
In separate short talks, we will be discussing the cover-up, WTC 7 and the post-911 world. Q & A session to follow.
Our association is composed mostly of Spaniards, though yours truly does happen to be American.
I'm sure there are truthers in Madrid reading this, so come on out!!
Our under-construction website/blog, in Spanish:

Announcing: 9/9/07- Major Protest in Brussels and Madrid

I posted this video as a comment for the text announcement: 9/9/07- Major Protest in Brussels but here it is again for all to see and spread the word.

The video was posted by the organisers United for Truth.

Also in the news is that there will be a sister rally in Madrid on 9 september. This was announced by I hope she provides more detals and links.

Both about 911 related issues.

Creeping Big Brother in Canada based upon 9/11, 7/7 and Madrid lies - Fear mongering for profit.

BC Ferries to increase security as per Transport Canada requirements

Tue, 2007-04-03 23:35
NANAIMO, B.C. (CP) - B.C. Ferries will beef up security in accordance with Transport Canada requirements across the country but stop short of airport-style measures that would slow down travel, says the company president.
"What's going to happen is there'll be continual upgrades to the security system," David Hahn said Tuesday, adding all ferry systems in Canada will be affected by guidelines to be released in the fall. "If it's appropriate we will move to more aggressive things like screening but I don't think there's any master plan to screen every passenger," Hahn said.
He said there may be random security checks of some people, "not any kind of profiling."