WIRED Magazine is looking for user-submitted conspiracy theories

WIRED magazine, in the new issue, ran a story about conspiracy theories. Naturally they mentioned 9/11 in the way you'd expect a mainstream publication to mention it:

The US Government Was Behind 9/11
Or Jews. Or Jews in the US government. The documentary Loose Change claimed to find major flaws in the official story — like the dearth of plane debris at the site of the Pentagon blast and that jet fule alone could never vaporize a whole 757. Judge for yourself: After Popular Mechanics debunked the theory, the magazine's editors faced off with proponents in a debate, available on YouTube.

Fortunately, they give readers an opportunity to submit new conspiracy theories. So why not submit the theory that we all can probably agree is the wildest - that 19 Arabs took down the world's superpower.

I'm not going to link to the URL to give them this website in their server's referrer logs. Just go to, click "Read Magazine" in the site menu, then click "THE BEST: CONSPIRACY THEORIES" in the upper sidebar.

Let's give WIRED some really wild theories!

Scans from Hustler 9/11 Coverage

9/11 Truth In This Month's Hustler Magazine -

We've put up a local archive of the pages here:
Page 1 - 3MB
Page 2 - 3MB
Page 3 - 2.5MB
Page 4 - 2.5MB
Page 5 - 2.5MB

Single PDF - 1MB (Update: Updated to include page 5)

Update: Added page 5 - continuation of Alex Jones interview.

Thanks to Casseia for the scans, Jon Gold for the heads up, and Ed for the PDF!