Since the announcement of Mark Cuban's endorsement of the fictional movie, Loose Change, a lot of people from both sides pondered on Cuban's motivation in all of this. The local media to everyone's least favorite loud mouth Bill Reilly, questioned as to why someone would promote a video they didn't believe in. Cuban's reasons are freedom of speech and expression, even if it's false. He even claimed to welcome a rebuttal. The response from many debunkers, including myself, called BS.

Good news, a representive of Mark Cuban contacted me earlier this week about a Screw Loose Change tie-in with Loose Change. In other words, opposing forces at work. Obviously one cannot sell a movie with subtitles over original footage as a "debate", but I wouldn't have been contacted by Mark Cuban if he wasn't interested in hearing the what "other side" has to say.

I can't give much details, mainly because nothing has really developed yet, but I just want to inform you all that Mark Cuban is well-aware of Screw Loose Change's existence.

Mark Dice's 9/11 Truth Jam Contest (TulsaTruth's Entry)

-Blockbuster DVD Jam
-Drive Through Sticker Jam
-Side Walk Chalk Jam
-9/11 Memorial Jam
-Traffic Jam
-Banner Drop Jam

Thank you "Antipas" for making the second TRUTH JAM happen.