Matthew Chayes

Hecklers Razz Giuliani Over Attacks of 9/11

Despite the title, this article is a little more balanced than the others.


Hecklers Razz Giuliani Over Attacks of 9/11

BY MATTHEW CHAYES - Special to the Sun

May 30, 2007


Critics questioning Mayor Giuliani's stewardship after the World Trade Center attacks marred the presidential candidate's campaign fund-raising swing through his hometown yesterday that was intended to highlight his national security credentials.

The day got off to a rocky start for Mr. Giuliani, who a day after celebrating his 63rd birthday barnstormed through the city to collect campaign contributions for his White House bid.

During his first stop of the day, in City Island, a woman confronted Mr. Giuliani, accusing him of knowing the twin towers would collapse but allowing rescue workers to remain inside, according to press accounts.