Mayoral Emergency Bunker

Giuliani Defends Putting Emergency Bunker In WTC7

Why would the residents of a destroyed building be something Giuliani felt obligated not to "name on the air?" - Jon



On this morning's edition of Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace grilled presidential candidate and former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani on his decision to put the emergency response command center in the World Trade Center in 1997, despite suggestions from advisers that it should be located elsewhere.

"Your director of emergency management suggested, recommended, that you not put it [in the World Trade Center] because it had been a target in 1993. Why did you do that?" asked Wallace.

"My director of emergency management recommended 7 World Trade Center," replied Giuliani.

"I've got a copy right here of Jerry Hauer's directive to you," Wallace came back, "and I -- there were meetings in which Jerry Hauer said that it's a bad idea and the police chief, Howard Safir said it was a bad idea."