Debunking NY Post's Tabloid Hit Piece On Sheen/O'Donnell

By the Amazing Watson Bros. over at Prison Planet:

"Debunking NY Post's Tabloid Hit Piece On Sheen/O'Donnell"

The New York Post has produced a typically and purposefully ignorant hit piece against both Rosie O'Donnell and Charlie Sheen for going public with their views on 9/11, commenting that they should "keep their traps shut".

As far as hit pieces go, gossip writer Richard Johnson's scribe is about as sophisticated as a Chicago Bears fan after a heavy drinking session, but considering his other stories today were about Paul McCartney sending a bunch of flowers and Jay-Z making a bet with the editor of Playboy, we shouldn't expect too much.

The piece, clearly aimed at those who don't have the attention span to read the entire word "Hollywood," headlined as it is "H'Wood," labels Sheen as a "hooker-loving Hollywood hunk," denounces his father, Martin Sheen, for having been arrested in the past for protesting and calls Loose Change a "loopy YouTube documentary."

911 Truth Critical Mass through Bumper Stickers

If only one in 300 cars had a 911Truth bumper sticker, then nearly all automobile commuters would be exposed to 911 Truth daily! Several hundred fellow commuters see my bumper stickers every workday! Reputable 911 Truth sites, including this one, have links to purchase affordable 911 Truth bumper stickers. The stickers are available with substantial discounts for quantity orders.

Tens of millions of US people have seen Loose Change 2. 911 Truth may have reached critical mass, without us being aware of it. Many of the people who are aware of 911 Truth are not activists. They might be persuaded "passive activists" with a 911 Truth sticker.

Media has Always Manufactured Support for War

The American media has a long history of complicity in drumming up support for war.

9/11 truthers know that the American media has studiously avoided any substantive coverage of the government's involvement in 9/11, and has attempted to paint anyone who questioned the official version of events as a "conspiracy theorist". And, as everyone knows, many news reporters, including reporters from the BBC (and see this BBC clip; BBC clips authenticated here, here, and here), CNN and other stations reported the collapse of Building 7 before it actually fell.

Carol Brouillet Interview at 9/11 Accountability Conference, New Radio Show

Citizen's Advocate interviewed me at the 9/11 Accountability Conference and posted it recently at .

I also will be the host of a new 2 hour Radio Show on Monday Eveneings 7-9 pm (Pacific Time) on "We the People Radio Network." If there are any graphic artists who could help me with banners, or internet savvy folks who could help with a companion website- I'd appreciate it. The show will be "Questioning War- Organizing Resistance" and will challenge the reigning military paradigm, by exposing the lies used to trick people into supporting wars, as well as the deceptions used by the powerful for their own enrichment, and at the expense of people and planet. I want to highlight the courageous examples of people challenging the lies, war, and successfully mobilizing resistance to tyranny, oppression, and raising human consciousness. I'd like to locate our most articulate speakers and courageous organizers, and could use help from the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Wonkette: BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers

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From my favorite source for political satire:

The Internets are buzzing with the bizarre story of BBC News reporting the 9/11 collapse of WTC7 before the building actually collapsed - all over a live shot of Ground Zero, with the 47-story highrise clearly in view and clearly standing.

What it "proves" is anyone’s guess, but it sure makes for hilarious viewing. But BBC reporters and anchors who maybe didn’t know the Manhattan skyline so well could possibly be forgiven for reporting an erroneous story and not knowing that great big highrise was World Trade Center 7 (otherwise known as the Salomon Brothers building). So why doesn’t the BBC simply say it got a story wrong and didn’t know any better? Stranger still, why did New York-based CNN anchor Aaron Brown do the same exact thing on September 11, 2001? We’ve got all the creepy video and much more to make your head asplode, after the jump.

First, the BBC video which has been posted and then deleted by Google and then posted and then deleted by YouTube again and again this week. The great big highrise next to the lady reporter’s head is WTC7: data request

Early Monday morning, after reading the initial blog post ( I located a list of what raw news files were available via (posted below) and downloaded as much as possible because it was obvious that this was too good to continue. As the story broke the content was removed. Timestamps indicate the data had been available for a few weeks if not longer.

Every one of these files is "in the wild" and I bet that a few people were able to get all of them. Below I have posted what I was able to download. Please help fill in the missing files or missing links. If you can help, contact me via and we will arrange a data transfer. The goal is to make this entire archive available via bittorrent. I'll host the trackers on the moon if necessary.

A Collection of Online Activist Handbooks

A collection of online activist handbooks, tips and tricks from a diverse array of sources: offers this reprint of articles from Activism 101 and the Freedom Writer on their website.

The Midnight Law Collective has assembled these materials related to staying safe, even in large demonstrations. They also offer trainings on legal support for small actions as well as for non-violent direct action.

Jim Britell's "Organize to Win: A Grassroots Activist's Handbook"
(A Guide to Help People Organize Community Campaigns)

"Activist's Grass Roots Handbook"
compiled by William H. Dailey, Esq.

"Managing the Media: A Guide for Activists"
by Carol Fennelly

Bastard Nation's "Tips for Tabling"

Current TV

Current TV seems like a great avenue to get some 9/11 truth on television sets around the nation. I have recently seen a video describing life after 9/11, and while the producer made good points, however, it wasn't the best representation. I'm sure we could make some very effective short videos which we could all vote on to make it on television. Just a thought...check it out.

This line is annoying me!

This line is annoying me!

“If those things were true [911 was an inside job], it would be all over the news with investigations.”

Bill O’Reilly, The “No” Spin Zone, FOX,
in an interview with Jim Fetzer on 2006-12-20

Dear Bill!
Your basic assumption is false.
- There’s no independent media any more. All are tied together and belong into very few hands.
- The media is complicit, as it has reported the government version as the basic truth without questioning.
- There is no severe need for control, as journalists know what they can report on and what not.
- The behaviour of guys like you who only engange in namecalling for all doubters leads to a climate of fear and suppression.
- All the million of pieces that did not fit to the official version were ignored or dismissed by most of the media.
- There are, nonetheless, millions of media pieces who do in fact suggest that 911 was an inside job.

You only have to dive beyond the surface of the overwhelming infoflood of the Mainstreammedia.

See my .pdf below! (about 2,1 MB)

Dinesh D'Souza, 9/11, & the Failure of the Media

"Anti-Americanism from abroad would not be such a problem if Americans were united in standing up for their own country. But in this country itself, there are those who blame America for most of the evils in the world."
- Dinesh D'Souza, 2003.

"In this book I make a claim that will seem startling at the outset. The cultural left in this country is responsible for causing 9/11."
- Dinesh D'Souza, 2007.


Conservative author Dinesh D'Souza has a new book out, "The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11". D'Souza's thesis may come as some surprise to you. Perhaps you thought that "Islamofascists" were responsible for 9/11, or maybe you hold the somewhat contrarian view that 9/11 was a case of "blowback", and America's foreign policy is to blame. Could be that you view 9/11 as an obvious PsyOp, directed at the American people to catalyze public opinion into supporting the WAR ON TERROR!

Well, turns out we're all wrong. In this new polemic, D'Souza pins the crime of 9/11 ultimately on the "cultural left" of the United States, one of the most starkly anti-American positions to be publicly taken by a pundit of the Left or Right in this country.

The fact that D'Souza's overall thesis is wrong on its face should not dissuade clever critics on the Left from showering his book with scorn, and so far that has indeed been the case. The first volley was lobbed from blogger Michael Bérubé, then James Wolcott of Vanity Fair, followed by a short burst from Mark Warren posted at Powell's. These were mere drops, and now an online search reveals a host of criticism directed at D'Souza's latest. To date, the best face-to-face mocking of D'Souza was delivered on The Colbert Report.

And, of course, the world would not be perfect without a sycophantic/hagiographic lavishing of praise for D'Souza from the typically worthless (Ok, I admit it, the NewsMax review isn't TOTALLY sycophantic.)

Although the inevitable exchanges of rhetoric being generated due to the publishing of this volume are sure to make entertaining reading, (and watching), the audience taking in this futile fusillade is merely watching a dumb show without a program, and will be left none the wiser for the next act.

Some reasons to suspect a Media Hoax on 9/11

In addition to there being a long list of reasons to suspect the towers were demolished, there are many reasons to suspect a media hoax on 9/11.

Knowing that the story of "hijackers with boxcutters" came from the President's lawyer, you should suspect a media hoax.

Knowing that a key eyewitness interviewed on Bryant Gumbel was ANOTHER one of the president's lawyers, who also just happens to manage the Bush family fortune, you should suspect a media hoax.

Knowing that there were embedded PSYOP operatives working at the CNN newsroom in 2000, you should suspect a media hoax.

Knowing that plans to invade Iraq and Afghanistan had already been drawn up before 9/11, you should suspect a media hoax.

Knowing that PUBLISHED military research advocates planting fake videos in television news in order to gain public support for a war, you should suspect a media hoax.

Knowing that airplanes cannot fly through concrete and steel buildings as if those buildings offer no resistance at all, you should suspect a media hoax.

Knowing that the Bush adminstration has lied about everything else in order to justify a war, you should suspect a media hoax.

NEW: Military "Blind Hatred" Research Reveals Media Manipulation / Complicity in 9/11


SEPTEMBER 11, 2001


Can we trust the visual record of September 11 that we all witnessed on television?

Should researchers in the 9/11 Truth community dismiss the role of the mainstream media in carrying out psychological warfare against the American people, or should they consider witting and unwitting media cooperation in the events of September 11, 2001?

Two 9/11 Eyewitnesses Interviewed on TV are Lawyers for President Bush

Did the General Counsel of the firm that manages George Bush's money and signs his tax returns telephone Bryant Gumbel on the morning of 9/11 and sell the official story as an "eyewitness" from his office in Rockefeller Center? has an interesting profile of 9/11 "eyewitness" Richard Davis and his obvious attempt to sell the official story to the public.

As it turns out, this supposed eyewitness to the first and second WTC strikes was previously partner at a law firm that manages multi-billion dollar oil and gas deals. As if that is not enough, the eyewitness appears to be the chief lawyer at the firm that manages the "blind trust" that contains the bulk of the Bush family fortune.

"George Bush chose Bessemer Trust, a blueblood firm where the average account is $22 million. Ronald Reagan turned to a tight group of millionaire businessmen."

Is it a mere coincidence that the lawyer who represented Gerorge W Bush in the battle for the presidency in 2000 is the Solicitor General of the United States who called CNN to tell a story about hijackers with boxcutters? Is it also a coincidence that the lawyer who manages the Bush Family fortune just happened to call in to Bryant Gumbel on the morning of September 11th to sell the story that planes "very deliberately" attacked the World Trade Centers? In his statements to Gumbel, he makes claims about things that he could not possibly know, such as the condition of the airplanes used in the attacks. Listen to the conversation between Gumbel and Davis and decide for yourself.

Attemps To Discredit 9/11 Truth Fail

Attemps To Discredit 9/11 Truth Fail -
By Jesse Passwaters
9/11 Families, 9/11 Commission Members all question the official version of 9/11/2001

In 5 years 9/11 Truth is stronger then ever, picking up well known political, inteligence, and military officials along the way.

View for a compilation of intelligence, political, and military officials who have expressed doubts about the official theory of 9/11/2001

They Can’t Discredit 9/11 Truth

Many would like to portray the 9/11 Truth Movement as a couple of paranoid internet researchers creating theories about alien plasma beams, remote controlled hologram jet planes, and alienoid reptilian crossbreds controlling the US Government!

Placing 9/11 Truth in this sort of mental category creates a warm ‘comfort blanket’ for those who do not have the time, the patriotic fervor, or the dedication to investigate 9/11 themselves.

It is much easier to associate 9/11 Truth with outrageous nutty quacks because it gives people a reason not to act on their suspicions about 9/11.

For example:

9/11 Truthers believe that holograms were actually what crashed into the World Trade Center…and I think that is crazy….

I’m not crazy so I must fit in with the more ‘rational’ and ‘socially acceptable’ group of thinkers who know that 9/11 has been explained fully by the United States Government. After all, the Islamics hate freedom and are hell bent on destroying our liberties right?

If one was to go just a little further below the surface of the 9/11 Truth Movement, they would find that 9/11 Truthers don’t believe in many of these detracting fringe issues that are used to discredit the majority of research that encompasses the 9/11 Truth Movement. The 9/11 Truth Movement has been distancing itself from this sort of quackery for years.

This self-defense mechanism might have worked at first…when the psychological scabs created by the events of September 11, 2001 were still fresh. But time has replaced fresh scabs with scars.

More and more people are realizing that it is not the Muslims that seem to be threatening our freedoms. More and more people realize that the entire 9/11 scenario presented to the world is an elaborate hoax designed to justify a new era of war that will last for decades to come as George W. Bush has stated.

The warm comfort blanket of denial is no longer effective. 9/11 Fever is seeping into every nook, crack, and cranny of western life. The discomfort caused by not acting is becoming more unbearable then the discomfort caused by denial of ones own suspicions regarding 9/11. People are realizing that they must look at 9/11Truth for themselves. When such a debunked and contested issue like 9/11/2001 is used to justify a war that has killed 100,000s of thousands of civilians in iraq…trusting the government is no longer an option.

First US Newspaper Calls For Complete Independant Council of 9/11

This unverified story was sent in by a 911Blogger reader, kenkneeb. As of this writing, the newspaper, the Ashland Daily Tidings, does not yet have the November 11th editorials on its website, so I can't check it myself.

Kenkneeb, says that a November 11th editorial brings "breaking, awesome, hope-filled news". Let's hope this is the first of many editorials callling for a real investigation into the events of 9/11, followed by criminal prosecutions.

UPDATE: Now verified; online here:

Here's the editorial:

"In honor or our veterans, we call for truth

Anniversaries cause us to instinctively pause and reflect, just as our leg
jolts forward after a well-positioned tap on the knee. In honor of our
veterans – to whom we owe a debt we can never repay – the least we can
do on this Veteran’s Day is look back at the decisions made that sent our
troops into battle, and the roles we played in those decisions. Perhaps
upon reflection, our reaction may change.

The fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 served as the reflex hammer touch