Matt Taibbi - Abusing the Truth

Matt Taibbi - Abusing the Truth
Crisis in America
by - John Albanese

It is a singularly disturbing attribute of any journalist, whether a creature of the right wing media – or left, to inject themselves so thoroughly into a story that they themselves BECOME the story. This is the stuff of narcissism and yellow journalism.

Matt Taibbi is not alone. We have all seen the Geraldo Rivera video clips involving prurient subject matter, designed to incite his guests, resulting in flying chairs and bloody noses. This does not pass for journalism. It is the job of journalists to report on accidents – not incite them.

At its best it is purely the stuff of entertainment - and Jerry Springer. At its worst it is intentional disinformation put out by major news networks like FoxNews who regularly incite their guests with an agenda of insults and spin, designed to make their ideological opponents look bad.

All of this may be entertaining to watch, but it is surely not the stuff of legitimate objective journalism.

And while it may be impossible for any reporter to truly remain a fly on the wall, truly objective and emotionally uninvolved in their story, (since journalism is in fact a product of the human experience) we do expect that journalists will at the very least attempt to limit their involvement in any given story to the bare necessities of reporting the facts to the public, with at least a basic foundation of personal integrity and fairness, even when editorializing.

Are the masses waking up?

Around 10PM eastern last night I noticed an interesting fact that could indicate that the masses are waking up to the fact that our Liberties are being dissolved in this country!

The popular site had the following stories at the top on their front page:


I have been a frequent visitor of digg since it's inception, and have never witnessed political stories at the top of their list, let alone three! Digg is primarily a "Techie" web site that promotes user submitted stories from the Internet, similar to this site.

Reality Tangled Diagram #1

Reality Tangled
Too often, I think, people imagine these entities as neat geometric solids.

"911 Mysteries: Part 1: Demolitions" to be screened in Newton, MA on October 18, 2006 at 7 PM

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee anouncement:

The Boston 9/11Truth Committee proudly presents an important new film:


Written and Directed by Smallstorm

Featuring construction and demolition experts, survivors and
first responders on the scene deconstructing the myth of 911.

Why were there explosions in the basement of the towers long before the buildings fell?
Why did building 7 collapse if it was not hit by an airplane and suffered only a few small fires?
What was the Bush family's involvement in the company managing World Trade Center security?
Why were there multiple "security evacuations" of the buildings in the weeks leading up to 911?

What if the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives?
What if US officials were involved?

Wednesday October 18, 2006, 7:00 PM
West Newton Cinema
1296 Washington Street, West Newton, MA
(Free parking available around the corner)

Newsday reviews VonKleist DVD,45829.html

The conspiracy theory of 9/11

NEWSDAY REPORTER Wednesday, October 11 2006

Five years after the horrific airplane bombings of New York’s World Trade Centre (WTC) twin towers, there are questions still unanswered, as science and common sense seem to point to different explanations of the events as they unfolded.

This is explored in the controversial documentary DVD, 911: In Plane Site, directed by William Lewis and narrated by talk-radio host Dave vonKleist.

The beginning text across the screen warning that “the information we’re about to view is overwhelmingly significant”, makes the viewer sit up fully alert and expecting shocking things. And these are delivered.

There is actual photographic evidence that seems to change the official version of September 11, 2001.

The narration and dramatic intro music painfully forces the viewer to remember the first scenes after the bombings, with questions such as “Did a plane hit the Pentagon?”, quickly answered by “Photographic evidence suggests not”, “Did explosives collapse the World Trade Centre?,” “Fire fighters tell the real story.” The docu-drama even suggests that US President George W Bush may have given the world distorted facts about the events.

Using Dead Girls and Live Boys Politically

I can remember back in the summer of 2001, as the country was all-consumed by the Gary Condit scandal, dark and ominous clouds were gathering on the horizon and reports were leaking from around the world that Al Qaeda was planning some sort of catastrophic attack against American “symbols” of power.

I can remember reports that the US military was on Delta Alert (the highest state of alert - short of open warfare). I can remember Diane Feinstein’s warnings on the Sunday morning talk shows of an impending attack. I can remember the Jerusalem Post’s article predicting a major attack. I can remember my state of alarm as it appeared that the raging violence in Israeli’s occupied territories, and the nearly daily suicide bombings, were accelerating towards some crescendo on the world stage.

Yet, night after night, we were treated to the Gary Condit news hour on each of the major networks. It indeed appeared that there was no other news but the Gary Condit scandal.

And then 9/11 happened, and no one has heard very much about Gary Condit ever since.

A few months back while Israel was mercilessly bombarding Lebanon (the just recently newly-celebrated seat of democracy in the Middle East) we suddenly found our attentions drawn to the bazaar tale of Mark Karr, the confessed killer of Jon Benet Ramsey. The media became transfixed on the lurid details of Mark Karr’s past, with Karr’s ultra-creepy face and blank stare radiating out from every newspaper tabloid and TV news hour in the nation, despite the incredible lack of CREDIBLE evidence that Mark Karr could possibly be Jon Benet’s killer, including DNA evidence that amazing was not produced for weeks, as Karr was flown first-class back to the United States and was photographed sipping champagne.

9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

9/11 Truth: Everybody Knows (except the mainstream media!)

This is a great new talk by Barry Zwicker on 9/11, momentum, and the media.

Puts in perspective how wide-spread 9/11 truth is, why we should not be afraid to talk about it, and how high the stakes are. Zwicker helps light a fire under our 9/11 activism.

A must-see and - at less than 10 minutes long - there's no excuse not to watch it.

The New Air America Radio lineup.

5am-6am The Mark Riley Show
6am-9am The Young Turks (Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Jill Pike)
9am-12noon The Sam Seder Show
12noon-3pm The Al Franken Show
3pm-6pm The Randi Rhodes Show
6pm-8pm The Rachel Maddow Show
8pm-9pm “Politically Direct” w/ David Bender
9pm-10pm “Ecotalk” w/ Betsy Rosenberg

Swiss 'Blick' newspaper about 9/11

Ola everyone,
Switzerlands second biggest newspaper 'Blick' had a title-page and 2 page report about 9/11 today.
This paper is not exactly the most 'serious' one here, but rather boulevard-y.
But all in all, the report is fair.
The first parapgraph is online at

The title-page header is : "Is the Bush Clan behind it?"
"Now also swiss scientists say: The more we research, the more we doubt' "

Prof. Albert Stähelin (military-strategy-expert), and Dr. Daniele Ganser (you might have heard of him, he's associated with st911 i think)
are both expressing their serious doubts about the official story. It lists '5 hot questions' , including wtc7, pentagon, insider trading, able danger,
twin tower collapse) and lists the official explanation, for those points where there actually exists one that is. However, it fails to point out what exactly the problems
are with those explanations.

Anyway, my first blog entry here. Hi all! Glad to be here, not so glad about why im here.

911 = inside job -- Report on USA grassroots TRUTH MOVEMENT (you! ;-)

(the biggest and best) German Internet Magazine TELEPOLIS reports:

Inside job?

Haiko Lietz 11.09.2006

Five years after the attacks from 11 September 2001 in the USA a considerable grass root movement developed, which makes circles of the own government directly responsible for the disaster
Four of ten Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was involved personally into the planning of the notices from 11 September 2001. Each third believes to pull that circles of the US Government are involved into the notices directly or did consciously nothing to stop her in order political profit from the situation. How can that be done together? The shock, which population of US suffered before five years, is to be still felt. In addition, the paradox is the product of a gigantic propaganda machine, which feeds the population with the information, until it does not know many no more that they are to believe. America is extremely distrustful. The popularity values of the government are in the cellar. Increasingly it loses the interpretation sovereignty over 9/11. In order to counter this trend, the State department the arguments of the critics on a particularly furnished web page tries to weaken. Who are the critics and which are their arguments? A report over the “New York 9/11 Truth” - movement.

Washington Post Article on 9/11 Truth (With 2 Polls)

The Washington Post has written a fairly balanced article on 9/11 truth entitled "9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply: Many Americans suspect U.S. government involvement or complicity".

Read the article and vote on both of the online polls.

Senators Threaten to Revoke Disney's TV License Over 9/11 Lies

Here's the story.

This is all just partisan nonsense, since the Democratic Senators are upset only because the ABC mocumentary criticizes Clinton (and we all know that the Democrats and Republicans both carry out false flag attacks; see this chart.)

But this gives me an idea. Why doesn't the Senate threaten to revoke the license of all of the mainstream media companies for lying non-stop about 9/11, and failing to give fair coverage to the many credible people saying -- and facts showing -- that 9/11 was an inside job?

Should we start a campaign to revoke their licenses (unless they start accurately covering 9/11 and false flag terror in general)?

Jim Dwyer /New York Times Article

I think this guys is on our side, or he wouldn't have even bothered to write this article.

For the NY Times, this is probably as good as it's gonna get. For now.

By Jim Dwyer The New York Times
Published: September 1, 2006

U.S. moves to debunk 'alternative theories' on Sept. 11 attacks

NEW YORK Faced with an angry minority of people who believe the Sept. 11 attacks were part of a shadowy and sprawling plot run by Americans, separate reports were published this week by the State Department and a federal science agency insisting that the catastrophes were caused by hijackers who used commercial airliners as weapons.

The official narrative of the attacks has been attacked as little more than a cover story by an assortment of radio hosts, academics, amateur filmmakers and others who have spread their arguments on the Internet and cable television in America and abroad. As a motive, they suggest that the Bush administration wanted to use the attacks to justify military action in the Middle East.

911 Media Recap

Dem Bruce Lee Styles has been busy converting and uploading videos for our use. These are all available at Google Video and 911podcasts, however, DBLS is asking you to view and promote the ones on Google Video first so that they move up in the rankings. Here they are:

Behind Every Terrorist, There is a Bush
Google Video
| 911Podcasts

San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11
Google Video | 911Podcasts

David Ray Griffin at Congressional Black Caucus
Google Video | 911podcasts

For more information on each of these videos as well as their corresponding hyperlinks, you can also visit DBLS's blog entry here.

Several new entries have been added to the Visibility 911 Podcasts available here:

- or -

I'd like to direct everyone's attention specifically to the August 14 episode which featured an interview with Ed Haas and discussed the pending 9/11 debate as well as the members of the 9/11 Truth debate team. Considering recent events in the 9/11 Truth Movement, is anyone concerned about certain members on the team?

Finally, new entries have been added to the Synchronicity 911 Podcasts available here:

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