Anthrax Gone Viral: Roundup 8-5-08

Bloggers and MSM pundits are picking up on Greenwald's call for ABC to come clean, more good stuff from him, as well as Bradblog

There's so much coverage on the blogosphere about ABC and the bogus case being leaked against Ivins, that the coverage itself has become news:
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Posted by Kim E. Pearson 4:34:24 PM
Should ABC News Reveal Anonymous Sources in Anthrax Probe? Bloggers Say Yes

MONDAY AUG. 4, 2008 06:32 EDT
Additional key facts re: the anthrax investigation
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TUESDAY AUG. 5, 2008 06:54 EDT
The FBI's emerging, leaking case against Ivins
(updated below - Update II - Update III - Update IV)
From Greenwald's interview w/ Rush Holt: "Having watched how [the FBI] collected evidence, I don't have a lot of confidence, and I think the burden is on them to satisfy me, and other

BLOGGED BY Brad Friedman ON 8/5/2008 7:46PM
Radio Free Anthrax, AP's Sorority Girls and Other Toxic Odds & Ends...

My Letter to TVO

I just watched your program, “Conspiracy Anyone” on The Agenda, TVO, August 1, 2008.

Thank you for addressing the issue of conspiracy. It seemed that more focus & time was spent theorizing on the mindset of conspiracy paranoia than the details of any of the conspiracies themselves.Two of the four panel experts could not swear by the official theory of the JFK assassination so I assume they suffer from the same conspiracy paranoia which they attribute to the majority. I did not hear them discuss the details of their doubts. If such a malady as “conspiracyitis” could infect the minds of 70+% of the population, it is noteworthy, but the panel was as vague about the science of this psychological phenomenon as they were on any of the conspiracies mentioned. No studies in the area of mass paranoia were cited.

Ventura to announce if he's running for Senate on Larry King

Ventura to announce if he's running for Senate on Larry King
Posted: 08:46 AM ET

From CNN Deputy Political Director Paul Steinhauser

Ventura may run for Senate.
(CNN) — Will he or won’t he?

Former Minnesota Governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura is expected to announce Monday night on CNN’s Larry King Live whether he’ll run for his state’s U.S. Senate seat. Ventura’s deadline to file to run for the senate is Tuesday.

If Ventura jumps into the race and runs as an Independent, the battle for Republican incumbent Norm Coleman’s seat would become a three ring circus. Democrat Al Franken, a former comedian and liberal talk show host, has already filed.

Coleman was first elected in 2002 and is running for his second term. The Democrats are targeting Coleman and hope to win back the seat that was once held by Democrat Paul Wellstone, who was killed in a plane crash while running for re-election in 2002.

Part 2: "We do not talk about things that we do not have enough experts to tell us about"


In my post of a few days ago, I asked some questions of CBC and Maclean's pundit Andrew Coyne, about his answers to a 9/11 Truther after a television taping. I said I'd e-mail him a link to the article (did) and advertise it on a few sites, including his own (did). I think I'll stop waiting for him to reply. He's still welcome to, of course; the Comment link is below.

Again, let's give Coyne credit for sticking around to engage his interlocutor, rather than making like Elvis and leaving the building, as Gregg and Hébert did. Still, his responses were vapid, and characteristic of what's wrong with the mainstream journalistic approach to 9/11.

"We do not talk about things that we do not have enough experts to tell us about"


(Part 1 of 2)

While researching my next-to-last post (and did you realize that "blogging" and "research" are not necessarily mutually exclusive?), I came across the following video:

In it, a very earnest and nervous woman confronts Alan Gregg, Chantal Hébert, and Andrew Coyne after a taping of the CBC political panel "At Issue," with a question about the media's handling of the events of 9/11:

"Why has the media failed to investigate the most glaring anomalies of 9/11, like the freefall collapse of the third tower, Building 7, or interview any of the high-ranking dissenters of the official 9/11 conspiracy theories --"

Not Seeing What's Right Under Our Nose

I am constantly amazed at how we can fail to see things which are right under our nose.

For example, former Congressman Dan Hamburg's excellent essay entitled "State of Emergency: The US in the Final Six Months of the George W. Bush Administration" got a lot of interest in the alternative press last Friday.

In that essay, Mr. Hamburg wrote:

We believe that this administration is so zealous, so determined to hold onto power, that they may well stage a “false flag” attack, creating just the kind of “catastrophic emergency” to which NSPD-51 refers.

(NSPD-51 is a Continuity of Government document; if you don't know what a "false flag" is, read this).

So we the alternative media publish a story warning about a possible false flag attack so as to create a state of emergency which will allow the overt declaration of martial law.

Overcoming Collective Denial to 9/11 Truth Radio Show with Peter Phillips, Neil Slade and others

(Part II of a Two Part Series on Denial, Part I was on Overcoming Individual Denial to 9/11 Truth)

Peter Phillips

Project Censored

Bush Administration Crumbling

This is a very interesting article on the front page of the USA Today today (June 3).

The thing that struck me about this article is that there is no mention of any EVIDENCE against KSM. One fundamental principle for the government when they want to railroad someone is that they need a strong 70% to 80% consensus that the railroaded person is guilty. If you don't have that, the railroading looks sloppy, and if you don't have 50%, then the railroading becomes a public relations disaster. That is what is happening to the Bush Administration at this time.

It looks like public opinion is strongly in favor that they want to see the EVIDENCE against KSM.

The old talking points that revealing the evidence will jeopardize the war on terror and American safety is wearing thin on most people. The Franklin Pierce Law Center appears to be our ally in this regard and they make some bold statements.

Is there any EVIDENCE against KSM? Not that I am aware of. First, we were told the Osama bin Laden was behind the 9/11 attacks, then we were told that Mohamed Atta was the "ringleader", and now we are told that KSM is the mastermind. Which is it, Mr. Bush?

9/11 Truth at the Nat'l Conference on Media Reform - June 6-8, 2008

Our biggest challenge as 9/11 Truth activists has always been to get the basic facts about 9/11 to the American people, without the spin, distortions, omissions, fear-mongering, ridicule, twists surrounding the events that have been used to sell wars, justify the construction of the police state, attack human rights and dissent throughout the world. Our biggests obstacles have been fear, denial, the media and the politicians. Surprisingly, even the so called "independent media" has been abysmal on the topic of 9/11. For the most part, 9/11 Truth activists have been obliged to become the media, in order to get the basic facts to the public. The most resistance has been found within the government and within the media, both loathe to lose their "credibility" and challenge the "Empire' in a direct way.

Anyone think this video is laying the groundwork for revolution?

I am hooked on this band now, and i hope they can put out something more "truth" related but they are doing a great job in what they are doing. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Is that building a rebuilt "freedom tower"?

California Impeachment Slate Candidates Running for Congress Press Conference in San Francisco

MC Brad Newsham (Challenging Barbara Lee)
(Photos by Tian Harter. More at

(This photo from flip side of key sign.)

Propagandists First, Journalists Second

The following article (same title as above) shows what has happened and is happening to the so-called "free press". Some of it is SOP, some of it is "yellow journalism", some of it is extreme party hackism, and some of it, perhaps most of it these days, is "corporate media".

We've never lived in the America we've always lived in — except in the ideal, which was always the point. You seek the ideal, and then fall short as reality sets in. But that does not mean you stop seeking the ideal.


How the New York Times Won 2004 for Bush

By Ted Rall

21/05/08 "ICH" -- -- Should the news media be patriotic? When a journalist uncovers a government secret, which comes first–national security or the public’s right to know?

In the United States, reporters consider themselves Americans first, journalists second. That means consulting the government before going public with a state secret. “When I was at ABC,” James Bamford told Time in 2006, “we always checked with the Administration in power when we thought we had something of concern, and there was usually some way to work it out.”

9/11 Truth & Impeachment Radio Show w' Senator Karen Johnson, Eric Larsen, Phil Burk, Barbara Ellis, Carol Wolman, Brad Newsham

State Senator Karen Johnson

Eric Larsen

A Nation Gone Blind: America in an Age of Simplification and Deceit

Listen Monday, May 19th 2008, 10:00- 11:00 pm (CST) to the Questioning War- Organizing Resistance radio show on the and to our guests focusing on 9/11 Truth- State Senator Karen Johnson and Eric Larsen.

Listen 11:00 pm - 12:00 midnight (CST) to to our guests focusing on Impeachment- Phil Burk, Barbara Ellis, Carol Wolman and Brad Newsham.

Film Exposes the Seduction of Secrecy

By Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor

"Eight years later came 9/11, famously labeled a failure to “connect the dots.” Eyewash. The CIA, FBI and others had dots. They hoarded them like marbles."

So, was the "failure to prevent" an intentional act to further an agenda, as well as treason and mass murder by US policy makers- or more like manslaughter, only involving "incompetence", criminal negligence, dereliction of duty and horrendous administrative and policy decisions rooted in ignorance, territoriality, ego, partisanship, spite, suspicion- or just the inevitable, "blameless" result an institutionalized culture of secrecy that "supposedly" has been changed? Instead of pursuing these questions, he continues with secrecy issues, the subject of the film being reviewed (in CQ Politics). Article has a nice summary of the bin Laden satellite phone-1998 NSA leak publication-Bush propaganda. In reference to abuse of secrecy:

"Well, that’s the problem, isn’t it? A government of men, as it were, not laws.

BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth

BlogTalkRadio Censoring 9/11 Truth
Internet social broadcasting service cracking down on anyone daring to question the government

by James Corbett
10 May, 2008

BlogTalkRadio is an internet-based social broadcaster that allows users to set up and host their own radio talk-show with nothing more than a phone and an internet long as they don't question the government.

As Brian McLain found out, daring to bring up questions about the government's official 9/11 fairy tale will not be tolerated by the thought police at BlogTalkRadio. Until recently, he was host of 'The Angry Scotsman' program hosted on the BlogTalkRadio site. His program was quickly cancelled, however, and his archive of previous episodes purged from the Web after the BTR censors found out about his plan to host an episode dedicated to questioning the official 9/11 story.