Media Attack Dogs

Riveted On Rosie

O'Donnell returns to 'View' amid a firestorm of criticism from O'Reilly and other conservatives


April 10, 2007
BY DOUG ELFMAN Television Critic

Let's tally the slurs Bill O'Reilly has hurled at Rosie O'Donnell: She's "Tokyo Rosie," "siding with Iran," "rooting for Iran" and "helping the enemy" while "actively supporting Iran against her own country and Britain."

Wow. What has O'Donnell done? Did she supply rocket launchers to terrorists? Not quite.

"Rosie O'Donnell is saying that our country, America, all right, attacked itself to launch the war on terror," O'Reilly has said, among other things.

Wrong. O'Donnell very clearly said she doesn't believe the U.S. government had anything to do with 9/11.