media control; small market; Rush Limbaugh

Talk Radio.... Conservative Commonality

I live in one of the thousands of small media markets. Our choices are very limited. I suspect this is very common throughout the United States. Unless you deliberately search out alternative media you will never find alternate perspectives. This is why we find a larger populous of liberal thinkers in the areas of larger populations.

The people subject to the smaller market conservative indoctrinations thus follow these beliefs into their news selections. Most of the people I encounter in this area strictly adhere their affiliation to FOX news and no other.

Rush Limbaugh. Glenn Beck. Michael Savage. Sean Hannity. Jim Bohannan.

These are our only choices when we look to listen to talk radio. I'm sure that this line-up is very common amongst the smaller markets. One reason that they control such an incredible market share. Also the reason that a more liberal based program would never succeed in these markets. The time required to sway the minds of those who have only know this "conservative" mindset is far longer than program directors can afford to allow.