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9/11 Tops's List of Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

The Economist website posted a list yesterday of the top 10 conspiracy theories believed in today, and of course, 9/11 Truth topped the list. Direct link to article:

Hartford Advocate Covers 9/11 Symposium, 9/11 Truth and Controlled Demolition

(Please leave some educated and polite comments below the article at the link.I am deeply disappointed in the coverage which ignored so many aspects of the Symposium and the evidence for controlled demolition presented by Jones and Gage.)

Theories of 9/11
Last year, St. Joseph's College hosted a symposium for those who doubt the official version of what happened on 9/11. Are their doubts justified, or paranoid?
By Jennifer Abel

According to a 2006 Scripps-Howard poll, over a third of Americans believe high-ranking officials either helped commit the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, or at least allowed them to happen. Other polls report even greater levels of cynicism.
Where do you draw the line separating “fringe conspiracy theory” from “mainstream phenomenon”? We’re not sure, but if one-third of the populace isn’t the mainstream it’s at least a significant tributary of it.

Sandusky Register: Artist wants some questions asked

By JACOB LAMMERS | Thursday November 08 2007, 7:03am


Nathan Janes' painting could create some controversy, but all he wants to do is get to the truth.

Janes, a Port Clinton native, recently completed a painting of a dog wearing a blindfold with "911" and "truth" above and below the dog.

Janes said the painting represents America's inability to question the events surrounding the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

"It's kind of hard for people to question whether the government lied or had a part in it," he said. "I'm not say anything's a hoax. I'm saying there's information that's not been released or told."


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9/11: As It Happened on MSNBC?

Did anyone else catch the "lightly edited" MSNBC "9/11: As It Happened" which was broadcast ?twice? on Tues. 9/11/07? I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy and objectivity (especially after the History Channel's bias), but I can't seem to find a link to a DVD for purchase. It could be a little traumatic or stressful for some to watch 2 hours of 9/11 coverage over again, though.

MSNBC lists this at their website (but I can't find the 2 hour program):

About the only reference my searches found was this at Democratic Underground's discussion board:

Another excellent MSM coverage resource archive is located at:

For some reason the date looks fishy on this post preview- it was posted at 20:00 MDT on Fri. 9-14-2007.

New Issue of High Times has one-page 9/11 article

The October issue of High Times magazine has a one-page article that is a survey of " September 11 conspiracy literature and cinema".

Scan of the article here;

Thanks, Leo.

History Channel Special: "The 9/11 Conspiracies" August 12, 2007

Just received the following email. I was interviewed for this History Channel Documentary on 9/11 "conspiracies" at the conference held at the University of Texas at Austin in April. I believe Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones and others at the conference were also interviewed. Curious to see how much of our comments get through... In any case, a 2-hour documentary on the 9/11 Truth community etc. ought to be interesting... Don't know who they interviewed for the "other side.."

Hi Professor Jones,
I just wanted to let you know that our 2 hour documentary, "The 9/11 Conspiracies," is now set to air on August 12 at 8pm. Once it airs, we can send a copy to you; just pass along the best address to send to you. Thanks so much for doing the interview.

Best regards,
Brad Davis

Picture (Metafile)
Bradley Davis
Producer, NBC News

(Note that Brad is with NBC News, but said that the documentary would air on the History Channel. 8pm -- I think that is Eastern Time.)

Redcoats and Scapegoats

This is a response to an AP article today:
"Retired general censured in Tillman case"

AP Article: "It's a perfect storm of mistakes, misjudgments and a failure of leadership," said Geren in announcing his decision after an investigation into the death of the former pro football player.

Aha - mistakes. Sort of like the "mistakes" of NORAD on 9/11? Maybe like the Secret Service breaking protocol in a Florida classroom? Let us not forget that Pat Tillman recieved 3 shots to the head in "close proximity." From an "M16... 10 yards away"
10 Yards. That's one first down marker on a football field. A short pass. Keep that in mind. Incompetence is always the first scapegoat they bring out to cover intent.

"No evidence at all of enemy fire was found at the scene _ no one was hit by enemy fire, nor was any government equipment struck."

big day for Wisconsin 9/11 truth radio tomorrow

Two breakthrough radio shows tomorrow, Monday, July 30th!

12 noon, WORT 89.9 FM Madison, Norm Stockwell will have Dave Von Kleist on his Public Affair show. Dave Von Kleist is the director of In Plane Site and the brand-new 9/11 Ripple Effect. He will be presenting at the Science of 9/11 conference in Madison August 3rd-5th:
Call in at 608-256-2001 to join the conversation with Norm and Dave. Norm is the most influential political/news person at WORT and he's a great guy--if WORT's 9/11 coverage hasn't been what it should be, that isn't Norm's fault. Some of the other folks at WORT are the problem. Let's give Norm and WORT lots of positive feedback for this.

A 9/11 Eyewitness Reunion Documentary

Here's an idea for anybody listening (& I hope someone like William Rodriguez has a similar idea): A DOCUMENTARY filmed during a reunion of as many 9/11 eyewitnesses as can be found and brought together in one place. Also, invite all those "journalists" who were also witnesses (you know, the ones who initially reported "a huge explosion" etc.) and see how many of them have the guts to show up and honestly discuss what THEY saw, heard and felt that day.

A Proposal for Taking Truth to Them Tuesdays with 9-11 Justice Squads

This is a response to Lucus, David Slesinger and others call to hone our strategy and points of pressure, so that we can win.

I have a powerful feeling that the ideas which have been presented here represent the potential trimtab for the 9-11 Justice movement. Buckminster's Fuller's use of the concept of the trimtab needed to help turn the rudder on a masive ship, such as Earth, is related to the ideas of accupressure/puncture. Find the spots with the most bang for the buck.

Care to dissect a hit piece?

Alternative weekly, "The Austin Chronicle" has rolled out a couple jabs at 9/11 skepticism, a two-part column by house writer, Louis Black (Not to be confused with the FUNNY Lewis Black).

Part One - Page Two: Conspiracy Theories

Part Two - Page Two: Brain Wash

If you decide to write a letter to Louis, make it an open letter, and post it in the comments section below.

Thanks, altruist, for sending this in.

Ashland Daily Tidings - excellent Griffin coverage

(This was posted in the blogs section, but we should have had it on our front page. The day before Griffin's Ashland, Oregon talk last month, the Ashland Daily Tidings had front page coverage of the impending talk, above and below the fold, and for the second time called for a new independent investigation of 9/11. Two days prior to the front page coverage, they ran a separate 9/11 story. Links below. -r.)

May 23, 2007
Truth movement superstar visits SOU

May 23, 2007
Holes in the story

(prior story)

May 21, 2007
9/11: The elephant that will not leave:

Thanks, Ken, for the reminder.

Noam Chomsky, Gatekeepers And Barrie Zwickers 'Controversial' Chapter 5.

One of the most 'controversial' chapters to appear in any 9/11 book, was written by Barrie Zwicker in his 'Towers of Deception'. This 'controversial' but true, accurate and highly education chapter has found its way onto the internet, and has been reproduced as far as I can see word for word and illustration for illustration. So if you would like to analyze the methods of propaganda, and dissect through the obfuscation here are the links:

Here are two reviews of the book from, which particularly mention this specific chapter as forming the basis of opinion concerning the book, and the review written about it:

The first reader gives the book 2 Starts out of 5 (2/5):
I gave the book two stars mainly because Zwicker's treatment of Noam Chomsky, with its continual oscillation between fawning adulation and vituperative disgust, is worth a read.

The second reder gives the book 5 Starts out of 5 (5/5):

Le Monde- the reprisals begin

From here:

Charges pressed by Alliot-Marie after the disclosure of GDES documents

Paris (AFP)- The Defence Minister, Michele Alliot-Marie, has decided to notify the Minister of Justice in order to request pressing charges, after the disclosure by Le Monde of classified documents warning of a hijacking of American airliners 8 months prior to 9/11, according to the Ministry.

“The Minister has decided to notify the Minister of Justice in order to request that charges be pressed for removal, seizure, and disclosure of defence secrets,” stated the spokesperson for the minister, Jean-Francois Bureau, at his weekly press conference.

These charges relate “specifically to 6 classified GDES (the General Directorate of External Security) notes,” he specified.

According to the article and the documents published by Le Monde on Tuesday, French foreign intelligence had, in January 2001, 8 months prior to 9/11, alerted their American colleagues to an Al Qaeda plot to hijack American airliners.

Translation of Le Monde Article


9/11- The French knew about it well in advance

It’s an impressive mass of documents. From afar, it looks like a university thesis. Up close however, there is nothing to see. Red stamps stating, “Confidential- defence” and “Strictly for federal use” are on each page. On the top left, there is a royal blue logo- that of the GDES, the General Directorate of External Security, the French Secret Service. In total, there are 328 classified pages. Notes, reports, summaries, maps, diagrams, charts, and satellites pictures. All of it dedicated exclusively to Al Qaeda, its leaders, sub-leaders, hideouts and training camps. And its financial benefactors as well. And what’s more, it is nothing less than the essence of GDES reports between July 2000 and October 2001. A real encyclopaedia.