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What Reuters, the Washington Post and the New York Times omit from the Le Monde story

Still waiting for an official English translation of this Le Monde article. In the meantime, it has been noted that the English versions put online yesterday are only giving us a very edited version of the story. One important omission is that French intelligence knew that "al-Qaeda" was targetting American and United Airlines specifically. Over at user HamdenRice has posted some of the other revelations as he sees them, I have copied his rough translation below. -r.


Western media completely misinterpreting Le Monde Bombshell reporting

(Updated version here.)

I assume it's because so few Americans read French. I guess a wire service wrote a blurb about the French story, and American papers are summarizing the blurb rather than the original le Monde story.

I'm amazed at the Newsday "translation" provided by Drewl, in the other thread on this:

"But the French warning hinted at a plot in Europe, not the United States, and there was no suggestion of suicide attacks or multiple planes. One former official said al-Qaida may have leaked misinformation to divert intelligence agencies from the bigger, deadlier plot to come on Sept. 11, 2001.

The warning was another example of how intelligence agents sensed al-Qaida was hard at work in the months leading up to Sept. 11 but were unable to piece together fragmented warnings into a coherent plot.

Now compare that to what the Le Monde article actually says. I’ve tried to translate the French into idiomatic English so that it is easier to understand it. Words in brackets [] are either inserted to make sense or alternative translations of specific words:

Report: French knew of al-Qaida plot

UPDATE: A modified version of this Reuters story now carried by Washington Post and The New York Times.

Report: French knew of al-Qaida plot

PARIS - A French intelligence service learned as early as January 2001 that al-Qaida was working on a plot to hijack U.S. airliners, and it passed the information on to the CIA, a news report said Monday.

France's Le Monde newspaper said it had obtained 328 pages of classified documents on Osama bin Laden's terror network that were drawn up by the French foreign intelligence service, the DGSE, between July 2000 and October 2001.

The Defense Ministry didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.

Lionel signed to Air America

(Lionel's got no fear when it comes to talking about 9/11, let's hope he keeps that attitude. -r.)

Monday, April 09, 2007

Lionel slides into Seder's slot

In a surprise move, talk show veteran Lionel has been tapped to take over Sam Seder's 9A-12P ET midday slot on Air America Radio, beginning May 14, according to radio industry news site All Access.

"Lionel will be an eclectic mixture of current events and off-the-wall topics infused with his special brand of humor," said Air America President Mark Green. "Because he's one of the biggest names in talk radio, Lionel will be a very important addition to our line-up and affiliate base."

"Air America is about one thing: radio. Not about ideology; but democracy. Radio that's an alternative to the usual, bumper sticker Rush wannabe. Radio that's listenable," said Lionel. "My goal is to garner and gather listeners. If you've got a radio, I'm your guy. Listeners want smart, funny, thoughtful, thinking, entertaining talk radio.With that in mind, my first show for Air America will be 'Great Polkas of the 20th Century.'"

Conspiracy Files : Oklahoma City Bombing

For some reason, this documentary on the OKC bombing is much better than the "documentary" on 9/11, despite the fact that it's part of the same series, "The Conspiracy Files".

No mention of Benton K. Partin, though.

Inside Edition Wants Your 9/11 Opinion on Video

"What do you think of Rosie's remarks about 9/11? Click here to send us your comments on video. You may be featured on a future broadcast of INSIDE EDITION."

`9/11: Press for Truth' challenges government's version of events

(9/11 Press for Truth will be broadcast this weekend on LinkTV. So if you're sitting around with the family looking for some good TV...)

'9/11: Press for Truth' challenges government's version of events

By J.A. Montalbano
Friday, March 30, 2007

..."9/11 is an indication that we do have a problem with the mass media, because so much evidence is being ignored and not given the debate and discussion it deserves," he said.

And he has a response to those who say he's just chasing conspiracy theories.

"The more I learn, the more I realize that the official story is the bigger conspiracy itself."


Thanks to everyone who sent this in/blogged it!

NY Post Attacks Rosie Again - NOW ROSIE VS. BILL O

April 2, 2007 -- THAT didn't take long.

"The View," which had not been in a feud since January, is back in a full-scale shouting war with Fox News Channel star Bill O'Reilly over - what else? - co-host Rosie O'Donnell's latest political gaffe.

O'Reilly is suggesting that ABC fire Rosie for claiming the 15 British sailors captured last week in the Persian Gulf were part of a U.S. "plan" to invade Iran.

O'Donnell posted on her Web site - then repeated on the show - her claims that "the British did it on purpose . . . as US MILITARY BUILD UP ON THE IRANIAN BORDER." (Capitalization is hers.)

"We will be in Iran before summer, as planned," she wrote last week on her personal blog, "Come on, people. U have 2 c."

"The question is what should ABC do?" O'Reilly asked during his FNC show last week.

"Remember, ABC fired Bill Maher [who hosted 'Politically Incorrect' at the time] after he said the 9/11 killers had courage."

John Gibson and Michelle Malkin Whip Up Frenzy Over Rosie O'Donnell and ABC

Thanks, WISDOM.

John Gibson and Michelle Malkin Whip Up Frenzy Over Rosie O'Donnell and ABC

Reported by Deborah - March 30, 2007

Bill O'Reilly started a campaign last night to have Rosie O'Donnell fired from The View, ABC, for expressing her opinions on Iran and 9/11. This morning at 6 AM, Donald Trump was already quoting O'Reilly almost verbatim on The Imus Show demanding that ABC fire O'Donnell. So of course, John Gibson continued the fire Rosie campaign today with noxious Michelle Malkin who added Barbara Walters to the FOX News list of the currently unclean who must be punished. 3/30/07

Malkin thought that ABC should be held accountable for O'Donnell's comments but claimed there were too many like minded people in ABC management to do anything about Rosie O'Donnell. Gibson speculated that ABC wants O'Donnell to say these things.

Jones Report: Rosie Reinforces 9/11 Position With Blog on Gulf of Tonkin

Rosie Reinforces 9/11 Position With Blog on Gulf of Tonkin

Will Mainstream Media Consider Declassified History 'Cook' Ravings As Well?

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report | March 27, 2007

Actress Rosie O'Donnell's public statements on 9/11-- already carefully laid out on the solid ground of WTC 7's clear controlled demolition in her blog-- is now further backed up by an historical account of the Gulf of Tonkin as an "imaginary" event on her blog.

President Johnson used the 1964 staged event to expand dramatically the scale of the Vietnam War by ushering in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, as well as to rope in much needed domestic support with the Congress and public.

Not only does the Tonkin Incident provide precedent for the U.S. Government's staging events as a pretext for military action, it gives clues to painful emotive questions that many exposed to 9/11 Truth for the first time by Rosie may be asking-- Has anything like this ever happened before? How could our government be involved in something like this?


Remember the Gulf of Tonkin

10 False Flags That Changed the World: Phantoms in the Gulf of Tonkin

Taibbi, Redux: Rolling Stone Sucks Again

Matt Taibbi is at it again, and although he has apparently had his mouth washed out with soap, he's still madly trying to reconcile poll after poll after poll reflecting widespread distrust in the official story of 9/11 with his blind faith in the "Zelikow-Approved" 9/11 Commission Report.

His new piece is: THE LOW POST: Murrah Redux 9/11 Truth is a bald regurgitation of a silly tale we heard ten years ago.

(If you already feel like writing RS, here's their email: other contact options here: )

Like Taibbi's earlier egregious, indefensible hit piece, he struggles with concepts that he cannot understand, and winds up with an amorphous stroll through a bunch of lazily stitched together anecdotes which suggest that he doesn't even really care about the issue, not even enough to make a half-hearted attempt at researching OKC.

More 9/11 Footage - BBC News 24, Channel 4 News

Also here;

The above clip is from the second of two large files of footage captured on VHS, on 9/11. The files have been digitized into .avi's, but retain their PAL video information.

The first file is 3 hours long, consisting of about 1.5 hours of BBC News 24 footage (with time stamp) then the person recording switched the channel to Britain's Channel 4 for about an hour, then back to just under an hour of BBC News 24 at 20.00 BST.

697 MB .avi

The second file is three solid hours of BBC News 24 from 20.27 BST to 23.26. (Those interested in 911veritas' research will want to FFWD to the 1:12:00 mark or 21.39 time stamp for corroboration of the intial early announcement of the demise of WTC7.)

697 MB .avi

Phoenix New Times Nixes Sander Hicks

From Hicks' blog at GNN;

My Letter in New Times....Something Missing?

Sat, 17 Mar 2007

What’s Missing Here? New Times of Phoenix, AZ, published my letter in this week’s issue, but they chopped it up beyond recognition.

My original letter had continuity, a real argument, a local angle. New Times dropped the sensational 9/11 connection to their Senator John Kyl, who was in the meeting with ISI Chief Mahmood Ahmad, on the morning of 9/11. Not only did they leave out Kyl entirely, they left out the title “ISI Chief” so that when my letter mentions “Mahmood Ahmad,” it’s totally out of the blue. To the average American, that name sounds just like another Arabic name…one out of millions. Not the most suppressed fact about our modern age. New Times joins CNN and Federal News Service in censoring the words “ISI Chief” from the media records which should be transparent, not conniving, shivering in the darkness, taking sniper cheap shots at truth-seekers out on the margins.


Shocked! I'm shocked, I tell you! - r. /sarcasm

(Daniel) Pearl Family Doubts KSM Confession

Exclusive: Pearl Family Doubts KSM Confession

The father of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl says he doesn't believe al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed is the man who beheaded his son, despite Mohammed's confession to a US military tribunal.

"He wants to take credit for doing it, and he wants to exonerate al Qaeda, blame Pakistan, and whatever," said Judea Pearl, Danny's father. "When a person confesses and he has nothing to lose. You have to take it with a spice of doubt." ... Continued...

Some background on KSM by Chaim Kupferburg;

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: The Official Legend of 9/11 is a Fabricated Setup

The following text by Chaim Kupferberg, first published by Global Research in October 2003, shortly after the arrest of KSM, reveals with foresight and accuracy the nature of the propaganda ploy. According to Kupferberg, a "marketing plan" was established in June 2002 to introduce Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to the public as the 9/11 mastermind.

Kupferberg exposes with accuracy and foresight, how the official legend was fabricated around Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. - Continued...

Missoula Independent covers Kevin Barrett in Montana - 3/18 & 3/19

A separate peace?
by John S. Adams

A 9/11 conspiracy theorist headlines local rally

Kevin Barrett’s message to Missoula peacemakers is simple: “…the only way that war can get launched is through deception.”

Barrett is the co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, a group of scholars, religious leaders and activists dedicated to uniting members of the various faiths in pursuit of “the truth” behind what happened September 11, 2001. Barrett’s also the University of Wisconsin associate professor of Islamic studies who came under fire last year for his controversial views on 9/11 and his incorporation of conspiracy theories into an introductory course on Islam.

But Barrett, who is scheduled to deliver a keynote speech at a Sunday, March 18, peace rally in Caras Park, says he’ll temper his conspiracy message in Missoula. Instead he’ll talk about the role interfaith dialogue plays in stemming fear, exposing deception and, ultimately, ending wars.

Et tu, Gwynne Dyer?

Gwynne Dyer is one of the best minds out there when it comes to military history, and the history of war. He is also remarkably prescient at times when it comes to short-term projection of tactical scenarios. However, it's pretty clear that he knows next to nothing about 9/11 skepticism, but he still felt a need to write this crappy hit piece about Loose Change. My comments in red. -r.)

That makes 10,000 sworn to 9/11 silence

Growing obsession with 9/11 doc’s theories only detracts from Bush’s real crimes (Because Gwynne Dyer says so! If indeed 9/11 was a complex psychological operation designed to trigger a knee-jerk fascist military response to initiate the “Global War on Terror” – then the “real crimes” that Dyer alludes to are a bunch of bat-squeeze by comparison. It’s not “obsession” it’s a mass awakening via the new medium of the internet. Deal with it.)