Media Channels' Rory O'Connor Covers 911 Conspiracy of Incompetence

While I don't agree with the "Incompetency Argument," this article is sympathetic to the truth movement and certainly raises valid questions regarding intelligence community links with Al Qaeda.

Before it becomes too late, and the case too cold, is it still possible to determine what happened on 9/11—and why? Did some version of the MIHOP or LIHOP conspiracy theories actually take place? - Rory O'Connor

Article below:

The 9/11 Conspiracy of Incompetence

What if I told you that a member of Osama bin Laden's inner circle operated with impunity within the United States for years before September 11? That despite being an ardent and avowed jihadi, he managed to become a naturalized citizen, to join the US Army, to get posted to the Special Warfare Center where Green Berets and Delta Force train, and to work with both the CIA and the FBI? And all the while he was a top al Qaeda operative, hosting its second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri when he traveled to the US in the 1990's to raise money, and training both bin Laden's personal bodyguard and radical Muslims who would go on to assassinate Jewish militant Meir Kahane and detonate a truck bomb at the World Trade Center? Would you take it as evidence that our so-called intelligence community was abjectly incompetent and dysfunctional in the months and years before 9/11? Or would you see it as further proof that the powers-that-be were the powers behind 9/11, either "making it happen on purpose", or alternately "letting it happen on purpose?"