11th Day Action in Melbourne on Sunday April 12, 2009

We've been doing our 11th Day Action ever since November 2007. ;O)
We even made "Ask me about 9/11" badges with messed up DVDs!

My daughter's

and mine,

I put mine on my "Investigate 911" cap that I bought in NYC last September on the side, and it's been working really well like, to get others' attention, or start conversation with strangers. Using a DVD was a real good idea cause it's BIG, so easily catch others' eyes.

Anyway, this month's action will take place(as usual) from around 12noon, at corner Swanston and Burke.

Bring along any flyers, banners, DVDs and CD-ROMs to wake up more citizens!!
And let's sing this loud and clear together. ;O)

Unlike the action in NYC,

Unlike NYC, it was just me alone in Melbourne this month cause my daughter was at a party.

This was my 14th "11th Day Action" on 14th of December(sorry I don't have any photos of the day) ever since I started doing it in November 2007.

It took me four and half hours to distribute 400 flyers and 100~150DVDs/CD-Roms(mixed),
and that's extra TWO hours compared with our regular action!

Well, that proves she does a great job! though she can be a pain in the neck...

A few called me nuts etc, but when one guy was shouting after grabbing my flyer only to throw it away, another young woman approached me, getting the flyer off my hand and said to me, "Just ignore him!" and walked away. ;O)

Also one guy was very friendly, and he knew it was an inside job.

At the end of the conversation, he asked me direction.
Then I found out he was from the Netherlands, so I said to him,
"Well done, Danny Jowenko!" and he laughed.

Another one from Perth, WA was wondering if he's going to do this action by joining the truthers there.
I think he was wondering if he'd get arrested or killed by being a truther, so I told him what I think.