Pilots For Truth Welcomes Three New Members

We are honored to Welcome the following:

"....i remember well the emergency/hijack training we all went through and the procedures that pilots and ATC followed. Needless to say this whole thing stinks from what i know about flying.

Jim Mustanich
ATP 20,000+ hours
Typed in CE-500, DHC-7, EMB-110, BA-3100
Aircraft flown include Boeing 727,737, Douglas DC-9, MD-80.
United Air Lines, American International Airlines, Air Pacific Airlines, West Air Airlines.
6-7 years corporate flying in Cessna Citations.
Factory demo pilot for Cessna Citations"

"I would be honored if you would allow me to join your distinguished
list of pilots who support a proper investigation into the events of
911. I have been following the 911 truth movement for man years now
and solemnly believe that we have been told a lie and that the people
who really perpetrated this horrendous crime need to be exposed and

Captain Paul A. Trood
B737-800/400 Captain
Qantas Airways
Experience: 18,000 flight hours"

Pilots For Truth Welcomes Army Aviator Dennis Spear

Dennis has many interesting things to say. We are anticipating to be on Mike Chambers Radio program Friday night at 11PM Central time (we will be joining the second hour).

Qualifications are as follows:

Dennis Spear
Army Aviator
20+ years - United States Army
7000 TT in a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft
C-23, C-7, U-21,U-8, T-39, EH-60, UH-60, UH-1, OH-58
Instrument Flight Examiner, Fixed Wing Instructor Pilot, H-60
Maintenance Test Pilot
Operations Officer, Aviation Safety Officer
FAA Commercial Pilot
- ASMEL, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Instrument Airplane/Helicopter

Welcome to the team Dennis, its an honor to have you!

Rob Balsamo