Mercury Media

Mercury Unveils Four New Titles for MIP TV and MIP DOC -- Including 9/11 MYSTERIES!


27/03/07 Mercury Unveils Four New Titles for MIP TV and MIP DOC.

International distributor MercuryMedia will be showcasing four new documentary titles at MIP TV and Mip Doc in April 2007.

9/11 MYSTERIES presents an argument suggesting that the events of 9/11 were part of a deliberate hoax, designed to provide the pretext for the perpetual War on Terror. With compelling evidence pointing towards the wholesale demolition of the towers, In the Wake Productions’ ‘9/11 Mysteries’ draws some very disturbing conclusions about the real events of that tragic day.

ORWELL ROLLS IN HIS GRAVE, 105 minutes - Sag Harbour Basement, examines the one subject the American media doesn’t discuss – itself. The film asserts that mainstream American media are no longer the voice of American freedom. Instead, they're part of a repressive political power structure sharing disturbing parallels with Orwell’s dystopian vision. This is a disturbing expose of the manipulation of the media by America's power brokers.