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Jesse Ventura Talks 9/11 Truth with Meria Heller

I love Alex Jones, Jack Blood, and a whole bunch of other truthcasters, but Meria is more of a role model for me because...well, she's FUNNY as well as deeply serious. When I grow up I want to be as cool as her.

She's usually pay-to-listen, but right now she's offering a free sample broadcast of her interview with Jesse Ventura:

(If you missed my interview with Jesse Ventura, it's at:

Meria Heller Keynote Address, Chandler, Arizona

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Big thanks to the Citizen's Advocate for getting this media up so quickly.

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Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio" to feature Meria Heller today - 12/2/2006

Webster Tarpley will interview Meria Heller today during his radio program, "World Crisis Radio". As always, a unique roundup of the global political scene, and a hefty dose of discussion of all things 9/11 will take place on Tarpley's weekly show.

RBN broadcasts 3 radio programs in a row on Saturdays that feature 9/11 discussion:

Jason Bermas of Loose Change fame has a show called, appropriately, "Louder Than Words Radio" from 2-4pm; followed by Tarpley's "World Crisis Radio" from 4-6pm; followed by the recently re-named "Truth Jihad Radio" from 6-8pm hosted by Kevin Barrett. (Barrett took over the time slot formerly occupied by James Fetzer on Saturdays.)

All times Central.

Streaming options here:

Archived shows here:

Video Download: Meria Heller - June 2, 2006

Meria Heller, Keynote Address from the "9/11: Revealing the Truth / Reclaiming Our Future" conference, held in Chicago, June 2-4th, 2006

If there are any members of any secret alphabet agencies in this room… get up, identify yourselves, or leave. Or stay… and learn how you’re being used to suppress your own citizens, and how disposable you will be… when your government tires of you. – Meria Heller, June 2nd, 2006.

Meria Heller has been broadcasting an internet radio program for 7 years(!). The DVD of Heller’s keynote speech was my introduction to her worldview. The daughter of a working class American family, Heller was raised as a patriotic citizen, and remains so. However, she just doesn’t believe in all the myths anymore.

Over time, Heller became a defender of the environment and developed her own spirituality for many years, but when the “election” of George Walker Bush happened, Heller turned a corner into more political themes, believing that with the election of “Bushco”, the environment was doomed as long as he was in power.

Meria Heller interviews Paul Craig Roberts today

Meria Heller will interview Paul Craig Roberts today, (8/22/2006), they will discuss Roberts' recent article; "What we know and dont know about 9/11".

The interview will play on the "Listen to Free Show" link starting later this afternoon, until Wednesday afternoon.

Short Review of the Chicago 9/11 Conference Keynote DVDs

Here is my short review of the - Chicago Keynote address DVDs

Annie Machon

"MI5 was founded, way back in 1909, and its primary purpose was to investigate the threat of German espionage in the run-up to the first World War. They have moved on slightly in those 80 years, but all that time, they didn't exist, officially." - Annie Machon, June 3, 2006.

Annie Machon is a former intelligence officer for MI5. She and infamous truthteller David Shayler walked away from MI5 after deciding that they could not morally justify withholding from the British public the unpleasant realities that made up the workaday intelligence lifestyle. This included criminal practices that went as far as subletting an assassination attempt on Libya's Qaddafi to a terrorist organization with al-Qaeda links - 3 years after the first WTC bombing in 1993. (If you go to the archived April 8, 2006 broadcast of "World Crisis Radio" you can listen to Shayler tell his story in his own words.)

New Meria Heller Interview of Richard Grove

Check it out for free here:

Also, Richard will be mentioning the hard work and activism by various 911 Bloggers and the huge resource of email addresses that they have generated in his upcoming Podcast as well as hopefully during his appearance on TNRLive tonight at 10 pm PST.

Meria Heller's Column Dropped Due to 9/11 Content

UPDATE from Meria: "I have a great 9/11 interview at my free show link that I did today with Ron Schalow, who wrote the book "Bullshit Artist - The 9/11 Leadership Myth, America was under attack for 102 minutes, for 102 minutes the president did nothing"; It will be there spinning 24/7 until Mondays' show replaces it. Yesterday I did a great interview with Richard Grove, 911 Whistleblower, which is in the archives and I will move it to the Ipod download over the weekend. You may want to let your readers know, a gift from me."

(Screen capture from Heller's keynote speech at the "9/11: Revealing The Truth, Reclaiming Our Future" conference, DVD available from

Meria Heller, the producer and host of the Meria Heller Show, had her printed column in the "Rim Country Gazette" pulled... this is the article that the Gazette declined to publish, and caused the Gazette to pull the plug; (For full article click here.)