Metal of Honor

Metal of Honor, The Ironworkers of 9/11 - Documentary

I saw and recorded on VHS the above documentary on Spike TV last week (Septenber 6th).

It was freely narrated by the ironworkers themselves interspersed with captions or subtitles.

I don't have the ability to convert it to digital and to upload it, and have been unable to find it on Google Video or You Tube.

Today I watched it again and transcribed some of the comments of the ironworkers:

(Note, they did not have the names of the individuals on the screen as they were speaking. some of the comments refer to what they heard and saw prior to the collapse, and the rest to what they encountered at the scene when they arrived to help rescue potential survivors)


Ironworker who had been been close to the scene before the collapse:
"My partner kept telling me the building is coming down. I'm saying "No Way! No Way!" And the the next thing you know, you heard this noise, I will never forget. It was like creeking, and the next thing you felt the ground rumbling."

Ironworker who attended the '93 attack on the towers:
"I didn't think they were gonna fall. After being there in '93 and seeing the damage that was done, at the bottom of those columns (pause) that was some blast! And I didn't think so at all."