Michael McCoy

The mission to crack the 911 case gains traction

April 13, 2008 at 20:30:03

The mission to crack the 911 case gains traction

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After shouting from the rooftops for months, regularly aggrevating friends and acquaintences and pestering outright strangers standing in line at the grocery store about the travesty of the 911 attacks, I am relieved to see that the movement to get to the truth is gaining legitimate traction. A sober examination of the events of 911 by a growing number of once-duped Americans is well under way, bolstered by an impressive collection of professionals in a wide variety of fields. For good reason, the taboo once attached to questioning your government is fading, and the deliberate, insidious lies and procedures that cloaked the facts about the horrible attacks - and later lured the American public and Congress to support the Iraq catastrophe - shows the practical results of what persons of highest power - engaged in the worst kind of group-think - with previously unimaginable motives and without conscience are capable of.