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Gravel Blog and 9/11 Truth

Gravel's campaign guy was on Air America a few minutes ago talking about Gravel's comments:


Sen. Mike Gravel
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The Real Lessons of 9/11
Posted September 10, 2007 | 10:14 AM (EST)

As we mark the six anniversary of the 9/11 attack, it is time for Americans to face the real lessons of that horrible morning. Until we dispel the myths which the Bush administration and a compliant media have been feeding us, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and suffer similar consequences.

Lesson 1: They Do Not Hate Us Because 'We are Free.'

For decades the U.S Government has committed horrible acts around the world, often in secret but always in the name of the American people. In every region on earth, our government has overthrown or undermined democracies, aided brutal dictatorships, and funded guerrilla wars under the guise of fighting for freedom. Until the American people grapple with this fact, our government will continue to engage in activities that destabilize the world community and bring pain and suffering to millions, including our own citizens.

Mike Gravel Supports 9-11 Criminal Investigation On Air, a week after Mike Medved says "No" to Respectful and Rational Dialogue

Today, August 21, 2007, on the Michael Medved show, Presidential candidate Mike Gravel reconfirmed his support for an independent investigation of 9-11-01 and affirmed his support for a criminal investigation as well. I wanted to see if he would go a little further than he has in the past, having learned a bit in the interim from the 9-11 Truth movement, but he fell back on things he has said before. Still, he affirmed support for a criminal investigation and made it explicit that any investigation should be free of government interest. Here is the recording: Click here to watch 'Mike-Gravel-part-1--asked-about-9-11-Investigation-on-Medved-show-8-21-07'

After I got cut off, Medved asked Gravel whether he thought JFK's assassination was a conspiracy. Gravel, having referenced the Warren Commission before, said he didn't think so, but he had questions about Ruby shooting Oswald. Medved told him to read Vincent Bugliosi's book "Reclaiming History."

Mike Gravel 'HELL NO we don't know the truth about 9/11'

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I also know it's almost blasphemy if anyone in the 9/11 truth to voice support for anyone other than Ron Paul, but.....

I never saw this on 911blogger and it's only had 1000 views on YouTube since July 23, 2007, so here it is:

Mike Gravel says:

1. He'll support a new investigation
2. "Hell No" we don't know the truth about 9/11.

Mike Gravel Meets the Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Student Scholars member, Eric Jackman asks Sen. Mike Gravel about his career and a new 9/11 investigation...

Gravel Steps Up

He might not be 'our candidate', and he might not have the calm persuasiveness of Ron Paul, but Mike Gravel let's the world know where he stands. Check him out in this Huff Post article:

By Mike Gravel

During one of the debates I mentioned that my fellow Democratic candidates scare me. Hillary's speech last week to the Take Back America conference gives me yet another reason to be afraid.

In an indignant voice she decried the Bush administration's ''stunning record of secrecy and corruption, of cronyism run amok. . . It is everything our founders were afraid of, everything our Constitution was designed to prevent.'' Actually, our Constitution grants Congress the power to prevent these ills but Hillary and her colleagues weren't up to the task.

Our founders' legacy did not stop Hillary from voting for the Patriot Act and then supporting its renewal in 2006 despite revelations that the government was using it to infringe on the very liberties that our founders held sacred. Where was her commitment to our founders when she voted to gut our habeas corpus protections?

Open Letter to Presidential Candidate Senator Mike Gravel


Dear Senator Gravel,

Do you want to win?

You are one word away from turning US politics on its head. There is one powerful, earth shaking word that can stop this madness in its tracks and press "reset" on the entire imperial project.

That word is "Treason."

In particular, the treason that transpired on September 11th 2001. There is no other issue, and no other combination of words that will put you in the White Hosue except for this issue, and this word: Treason.

Treason is knowingly allowing the attacks on our nation and not doing anything whatsoever to stop them. That happened. Everyone knows it, yet no one puts it on national television.

Treason is being told "America is under attack," yet sitting there, stalling for time, and reading a children's book.

Treason is when the Vice President of the United States illegally assumes control of our armed forces and orders a stand down of force protection at the Pentagon, as witnessed in Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta's testimony under oath to the 9/11 Commission.