Mike Leigh

The Elephant in the Room Podcast

Check out this exclusive podcast produced by London Sound Posse and recorded at the second screening of the new Documentary "The Elephant in The Room" by Dean Puckett.

Featuring reactions to the new film from members of the public, We Are Change UK, East Anglia Truth, Oscar winning Director Mike Leigh, former employee of the Ministry of Defence Nick Pope and closing with an interview with the director.

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Audio: Interview with Dean Puckett on his film 'The Elephant in the Room'

Interview with Dean Puckett where he talks about his award-winning film 'The Elephant in the Room'. Featuring clips from the film including his arrest live on Fox News plus 3 times Oscar nominated director Mike Leigh, who attended one of the screenings, gives his view too.

"It's terrific, it's a really thorough, profound, sensitive, professional piece of work. It gets right to the core of the issue, it leaves you with no doubt whatever, i mean it's not a conspiracy film but it leaves you with no doubt that there obviously is a fundamental conspiracy. It's a great piece of work and i just hope it's gonna get out there for people to see it, and digest it and understand it... it'll change things." - Mike Leigh

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