Mikey Metz

The Mikey Metz Non-Debate

It has now been over a month and I've heard nothing from Mikey Metz since he last responded to me on his blog on 2/12/08. For those who are not familiar with this situation, Metz is the 9/11 Truther turned "debunker." After running his mouth in the comments section of the popular "debunker" hangout, screwloosechange.blogspot.com, I challenged Metz to a debate:

"Hello Mikey,

Debunker Mikey Metz Accepts Student Scholars' Debate Challenge

I would like to officially retract any statements in my previous post that insinuated Metz was too cowardly to debate, he is not.

Metz has responded on his blog (extruther.blogspot.com) to my debate challenge. Here is an excerpt from his response (I'm leaving out non-pertinent statements by Metz about the appearance of Student Scholars Co-Founder, Mike Jackman, and questions regarding my academic career and social life):

Student Scholars Challenge "Debunker" Mikey Metz To a Debate

Mikey Metz, the truther turned "debunker," has been spewing lies about myself and Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth for quite some time. I sent Mikey the following message on 2/7/08. As of today, 2/11/08, I have heard nothing...

Hello Mikey,

Would you be interested in debating Mike Jackman and I on a radio show next Friday? We promise to give you equal time, etc. The topic I'd like to discuss is whether or not the 9/11 Commission provided "the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11," and whether or not the commission, along with individuals and departments within our government are participating in a cover up in regard to 9/11.

If this sounds like something that interests you please message me back. However, if you're just going to spend the hour attacking my character and making unfounded accusations that I have somehow been a incompetent leader of www. sst911. org then you need not bother.

I look forward to hearing back from you and hope you accept my invitation.

P. S. The station is 91. 3 WKNH in Keene, NH and has quite a few listeners...

Justin Martell