mineta flight 77

How did this info on Flight 77 get lost?


OK after reading these interviews with Mineta, it should be readily apparent the big difference between the accounts here contrasted with the 9/11 comission. From what Ive seen from Mineta 9/11 comission testimony, I dont remember hearing anything about him being on the phone with Monty Belger #2 at the FAA. What Mineta is saying is he hears the "young man" tell Cheny about the plane being 50 miles out. Mineta asks Monty immediately after, what do you have "50 miles out." Monty responds, "Well, we have a target, bogey, on the radar, but the transponder's been turned off, so we have no identification of this aircraft. We don't know who it is. We don't know what altitude it's at, speed or anything else. All we're doing is watching with the sweep of the radar, the dot moving from position to position."
When the plane is 30 miles out, Belger says, "Well, that's difficult to really determine. I would guess it's somewhere between Great Falls and National Airport, coming what they call the DRA, the down river approach."