'Scientific American' Teaches' Us 'Why people Believe In Conspiracies'

Skeptic - Paranoia Strikes Deep - Why people believe in conspiracies
September 2009; Scientific American Magazine;
by Michael Shermer; (senior sciam contributer and founder of www.skeptic.com)

Preview: "After a public lecture in 2005, I was buttonholed by a documentary filmmaker with Michael Moore-ish ambitions of exposing the conspiracy behind 9/11. "You mean the conspiracy by Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to attack the United States?" I asked rhetorically, knowing what was to come."That's what they want you to believe," he said. "Who is they?" I queried. "The government," he whispered, as if "they" might be listening at that very moment. "But didn't Osama and some members of al Qaeda not only say they did it," I reminded him, "they gloated about what a glorious triumph it was?"

Stating people are misled by 'patternicity' and 'agenticity'