Tales of 9/11 Truthiness

Crimes of the State

Stephen Colbert coined the term "truthiness."


It's pretty damned near impossible to get to the bottom of the September 11th lies we have been told by the United States federal government. This is not an easy task, and conflicting stories abound. Given that, there remain some serious deficiencies within the self-proclaimed "9/11 Truth Movement," as I will explain.

My sincerest apologies to T-Bone

I recently posted a blog about the Flight 93 propaganda machine and a comment was left by a fellow truther, T-Bone, in response to my video. I totally misread his statement and jumped to the wrong conclusion that he was being sarcastic with me, suggesting I didn't know what I was doing and not asking the tough questions. I responded by biting his head off and it was a total overreaction on my part because I misunderstood his statement. My sincerest apologies for attacking a fellow truther. I feel like sh*t now and I hope T-Bone reads this because I am truly sorry for, once again, letting my temper get the best of me. And my apologies go to everyone in the Truth Movement for having to see that despicable side of me that I only reserve for use against the government. My deepest apologies.