Telephone interview with Bob Bowman on MNN, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Bob Bowman is running for House of Representatives for the 15th district in Florida.
in this November's election!

I don't have a transcript of the telephone interview he gave me last week. But here is a link to the video of it, which was broadcast on MNN Public Access channel 34 NYC.

Here is an excerpt were 9/11 specifically is discussed:

Biographical info.:

"Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. is President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, Executive Vice President of Millennium III Corporation, and retired Presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church.

He flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam and directed all the “Star Wars” programs under Presidents Ford and Carter.

He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal,
the George F. Kennan Peace Prize,
the President’s Medal of Veterans for Peace,
the Society of Military Engineers' ROTC Award of Merit (twice), six Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and honors.
His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech.
He chaired 8 major international conferences, and is one of the country’s foremost experts on National Security.
Dr. Bob was an independent candidate for President of the US in 2000, beating Pat Buchanan in Iowa, Illinois, and California. He has resided on the Space Coast for 16 years."

"He is the candidate of all those who want to see a Constitutional government serving the people of the United States instead of the global big money interests."

Here are links to videos of lectures and presentations he has given around 9/11 truth.

I suggest everyone think of ways to seriously support him in his race. The local Press in his area of Florida are making a big deal about his questioning the official story around 9/11. If all the U.S. 9/11 Truthers get together and work on this, we could show ourselves as the political force we are.

9/11 Symposium: Lt. Col. Bob Bowman