Mob Mentality

People go psycho on Karl Rove

On the one hand, Karl Rove kind of deserves anything and everything he gets.

On the other hand, they went too far, and seem to have become an illegal mob.

I don't watch a lot of so-called TV "News", or read the newspapers much, but I hadn't heard or seen anything about this. It apparently happened on March 4 of this year.

It's hard to tell what's going on because the video is so bad.


Exclusive: Karl Rove Heckled And Pelted With Rocks

(03/04/07) WASHINGTON - White House aide Karl Rove came face to face with angry protesters after speaking to the Young Republican Club at American University Tuesday night, with about 20 students lying down in front of his car.

Student Josh Goodman told The Washington Post other students kicked Rove's car, "and tried to stop it as best they could."

Goodman, an AU junior, said he and others wanted to make a "citizens arrest" of the presidential adviser.

This is exclusive eyewitness video of the incident. This low-res video was captured on a cell phone.