Mohammed Haydar Zammar

Associated Press Again Fails to Identify Atta as "Alleged" 9/11 Hijacker

UPDATE: The Washington Post actually refers to this trial as a "9/11 Trial" in its headline.

German-Syrian believed to have known 9/11 hijackers sentenced to 12 years

"DAMASCUS, Syria: A German-Syrian dual national believed to have known the Sept. 11 hijackers received a 12-year prison sentence Sunday from a Syrian court, a Syrian human rights group said.

The Higher State Security Court on Sunday sentenced Mohammed Haydar Zammar to life in prison for membership in the banned Muslim Brotherhood organization. But the court immediately commuted the sentence to 12 years, the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria said in a written statement."

While the crime here is apparently belonging to a "banned" organization, the way AP reports this story fails to identify the fact that the "September 11 hijackers" in question are "alleged" terrorists until tried properly. The AP story says,