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'Extremely Loud' director calls for more 9/11 films

'Extremely Loud' director calls for more 9/11 films
By Deborah Cole (AFP) – 20 hours ago
BERLIN — The director of Oscar-nominated 9/11 drama "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," Stephen Daldry, told the Berlin film festival Friday he was stunned by the scarcity of movies about the attacks.
The 50-year-old British film-maker said a decade on, cinema still had little to say about the suicide hijackings in New York and Washington in which some 3,000 people were killed, as well as the ensuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"It sort of amazes me really that more films aren't made about 9/11. My personal opinion is that there are millions of stories that should be told, personal stories and I don't just mean the stories in New York, I mean stories from around the world," he told reporters after a screening of his film.
After Hollywood disaster fare such as Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center" and Paul Greengrass's "Flight 93", "Extremely Close" is less about the attacks themselves than the shock and sorrow left in their wake.
The film, which is based on the bestseller by Jonathan Safran Foer and has been nominated for an Academy Award as best picture, tells the story of Oskar, whose father is trapped in the World Trade Center that September morning.
When the boy finds a key left by his late father, played by Tom Hanks, he goes on a search of New York's five boroughs trying to find the matching lock.
The odyssey brings him closer to his widowed mother (Sandra Bullock) and a mysterious stranger, played by Max von Sydow, who has been nominated for a best supporting actor Oscar.