Morgan Garvey

Pilot Claims He Heard Hijacking of UA93 on His Plane's Radio

This guy claims he overheard the hijacking of UA93 on 9/11 over his plane's radio. WTF? Is that possible? Any pilots out there who can answer this?

9/11 prompts pilot to become rescue volunteer

SILVERTHORNE (AP) - On 9/11, pilot Morgan Garvey was flying a client to St. Louis from the East Coast when he heard a strange transmission on the radio. A voice commanded everybody to stay in their seats, and that there was a bomb on board.

He would later discover he was hearing the sounds of terrorists taking control of United Flight 93 - one of four planes hijacked that morning as part of the deadliest terrorist attack ever on American soil.

Grounded in Nashville, Garvey walked into the flight base operations center just as the big screen television inside showed the second tower of the World Trade Center crumble....