Richard Gage Speaks to Colorado on KRFC FM 88.9 Radio

This short 30-minute interview is a great introduction for newbies and skeptics. In just a few minutes, Gage lays out all of the basic information put forward by AE911Truth, how the official story defies physics, and why moving forward with the truth is so important.

Words of Freedom Welcomes Richard Gage

Direct download link:

See More Radio at Visibility 9-11 Media

Unwelcome Guests: 9/11: The Myth of the 21st Century Pt I of III

Get over to Radio 4 All and check out the load of 911 audio.

For those of you unfamilliar with Unwelcome Guests, it is a weekly 2 hour show that focuses on issues that matter. Lynn Gary produces it and always has great 911 coverage as it comes up.

As this show says "Unwelcome Guests Radio has given us at least thirty one hour shows in six years, seriously questioning and investigating the Myth of 9/11".

This show is labeled one of three.

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New 9/11 Truth audio documentary

The Corbett Report has released an important new audio documentary relating to the events of September 11, 2001. It may be downloaded at the following link:

This documentary attempts to bring together some of the key whistleblowers, insiders and experts on 9/11 into one compact documentary. Included are clips from Sibel Edmonds, Indira Singh, Bob Baer, Andreas von Bulow, Bill Doyle, Bob Bowman and many more. I created this documentary in an attempt to make this an effective activist tool (please burn copies to cd, email the link, post it on forums and message boards, put it on the file-sharing sites, etc), but I think the information will be interesting even to those who have long followed 9/11 Truth. Please help me in getting the word out about this documentary, and please Digg the article above if you like the documentary.

Also, check out my website for more truth-related news and information.

Benazir Bhutto Names Osama Bin Laden's Murderer on Nov 2, 2007 David Frost Program

Thursday December 27, 2007
Benazir Bhutto Names Osama Bin Laden's Murderer on Nov 2, 2007 David Frost Program Discussing Perpetrators Of Unsuccessful Bombing Attack Upon Her

* source =

More MP3 Audio Clips >

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Air America/Thom Hartman 9/11 Truth Debate: Kevin Ryan vs. Michael Shermer MP3

After working with my freeware Audacity wave editor ( all afternoon, I've managed to compile a relatively complete audio version of the debate (from hours 1 & 2) that is generally commercial-free.

Here is the Putfile link:

In case you have trouble downloading it from there (as opposed to just listening to it) you can get the full 41.38 MB MP3 file at the following (somewhat slow) link:

Also, mirrored for QUICK download here.

Thank you, Kevin! It was a good debate!

Audio of Webster Tarpley's Speech in San Diego, 7/8/07
This is an mp3 recording of Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking in San Diego on July 8, 2007 on the transforming political landscape in America. He stressed the importance of inserting 9/11 Truth into the 2008 presidential campaign with grassroots media activism.. He also articulated how 9/11 truth can be the fulcrum point for pushing the tide in a positive direction. Hot off the successful transcending of both left and right at the July 4th Philadephia Emergency Anti-war Convention, Mr. Tarpley goes into the details of a new unified political vision; saying no to false flag GWOT (aka TWAT), no to wars with no end, no provocations with any nations, tax honesty, etc. one hour, 58 min., 27.2 MB
Direct Download:

Part Two:

Add your voice to the chorus "911 was an inside job". Literally

If you want to add your voice to the chorus of people shouting (or whispering, singing, rapping,...) "911 was an inside job", you can do so now. Literally.

Today I came across this song (mp3). The song's lyrics are here (in case you have difficulties to follow the text when listening to the audio file).

Apparently there is an ongoing effort (since nearly a year ago) to add more voices to the chorus. (I'm wondering why I never came across that effort before. Why is it so unpopular with the 911 truth movement?) Here is the full howto:


September 11 2007 will be the 6th anniversary of the false flag event.

Starstika, Greyman and others invite you to add your voice to a song intended to be used at rallies around the globe. The chorus chants ’911 was an inside job’.

Audio from an "Evening with Robert Bowman and John Albanese" Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party

Audio from an "Evening with Robert Bowman and John Albanese" -

Boston College - McGuinn Auditorium (12/15/06)

01 Chris Gruener- Introduction (5.5MB) MP3
Introduction by Chris Gruener of Boston 9/11 Truth

02 Dr Bob Bowman (34 MB) MP3
Dr. Bowman address the attitudes and actions of 9/11 Truth activists and offers a critique of the governments official version of 9/11.

03 John Albanese (19.4 MB) MP3
John addresses the use of the term "Conspiracy" and the lack of accountability in the media.

Ex-CIA Analyst Bill Christison Talks About How He Came To Question 9/11 - Audio Download

The Case For Intellectual Integrity -

It would be refreshing to find somebody who doesn't agree with 9/11 conspiracy theories (so-called) who was willing to debate them in a civil way. And I don't mean the editors of Popular Mechanics, either. Perhaps the civil ones are changing their minds? One such is Bill Christison, the distinguished former CIA analyst and popular author of progressive political essays. Within the past year Bill has changed his mind about 9/11, from rejecting conspiracy theories outright to thinking that the standard story is not what it seems. In this conversation we talk a lot about what happens when one rethinks something like 9/11, less about the facts in question. I'm very grateful to Bill for talking with me and I hope this conversation helps those who are still sorting things out. Runtime of about an hour and nineteen minutes.

Thanks Carol for the heads up!

Mike Berger and Matthew Rothschild Debate - MP3 Download has updated their site with downloads of yesterday's debate between Mike Berger and Matthew Rothschild. I caught the last half of the show and it is definately worth the listen.

You can find the MP3s here:
Breaking News: Mike Berger/Matthew Rothschild Debate -

Thanks MediaPuppet for the heads up!

Gary Bell From AM640 Toronto Devotes 5 Hour Show to Attack Official 9/11 Story

Gary Bell - Sept. 9 - 23mb MP3

Check it out, post some comments.

Thanks again to Neil from for the hookup!

Friday Night's Events From St. Mark's Church in NYC - MP3 download

Alternative Politics: 911 As Pathway to War

Featured Speakers/Commentators: Elaine Brower, Alfons Alzsewski, Korey Rowe, Les Jameson, Ralph Shoenman
Kick Off to 911 Truth Anniversary

Thanks Carol for the heads up!

Former High Level Government Insiders Speak Up About 9/11

Former High Level Government Insiders Speak Up About 9/11


...a list of many former insiders speaking up, along with specific quotes, mp3/video links, and articles.


Take a look


A good way of waking up newspapers - let's them know who's speaking up!