Muse frontman claims 9/11 was Inside Job.


2006-10-11 18:30:13 -

MUSE frontman MATT BELLAMY has sensationally claimed 9/11 was an "inside job", insisting the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon was orchestrated to give America a perfect an excuse to invade Iraq.

Bellamy is convinced the US government knows more information surrounding the attack on their country in September 2001 than the public is aware of.

The outspoken singer says, "September 11 is clearly an inside job, there's massive evidence that suggests that it was either allowed to happen or even worse, deliberately made to happen.

"There was a document called PROJECT FOR THE NEW AMERICA CENTURY which was made by neo-Con (right wing) writers in the 90s who supplied most of the agenda that (GEORGE W) BUSH is putting into place now, which clearly says, 'We need a Pearl Harbor-level of event so we can have an excuse to invade the Middle East.'" Bellamy's outbursts are sure to find him causing controversy with the band's US fans, but the outspoken singer refuses to be silenced, insisting he wouldn't be surprised if he was being monitored by the FBI.

He says, "With the world we live in I think with the books I've ordered off Amazon I'll already be on lists."