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They Can Only Control the Fear

The only human emotion these monsters control is fear. Everything else is ours. Humanity. Empathy. Love.- Real art.

Take a look at SICKO. This movie is very powerful. MIchael Moore is a visionary (or a dangerous subversive depending upon how much your money means to you). I have not cried at a movie in years. People come out of that movie with their eyes wide open wanting to change the world- hit 'em with the truth.

Who will be our generations Woodie Guthrie? A song could change a million minds overnight. We have to find a crack into unreceptive minds quickly. This is a call to artists and musicians to get busy.

Add your voice to the chorus "911 was an inside job". Literally

If you want to add your voice to the chorus of people shouting (or whispering, singing, rapping,...) "911 was an inside job", you can do so now. Literally.

Today I came across this song (mp3). The song's lyrics are here (in case you have difficulties to follow the text when listening to the audio file).

Apparently there is an ongoing effort (since nearly a year ago) to add more voices to the chorus. (I'm wondering why I never came across that effort before. Why is it so unpopular with the 911 truth movement?) Here is the full howto:


September 11 2007 will be the 6th anniversary of the false flag event.

Starstika, Greyman and others invite you to add your voice to a song intended to be used at rallies around the globe. The chorus chants ’911 was an inside job’.